Kim Richards Fights Back After Kyle Richards Is Absent From Kathy Hilton’s Husband’s Real Estate Event

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton fueled rumors of a sisterly feud with Kyle Richards over the weekend when they attended a Hilton & Hyland event without her.

On Instagram, after facing claims of excluding the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member from the event — which honored the anniversary of Kathy’s husband Rick’s real estate company — Kim attempted to silence the reports, insisting that she and her two sisters “love each other very much.”

“For the people writing negative and mean things about my sisters, shame on you!!” Kim wrote in the comments section of her photo. “You have never met them or us. We all LOVE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH!! Please take your negative energy… and messages somewhere else.”

Because Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, left Hilton & Hyland years ago to start his own company — The Agency, which has proven very successful — Kyle and Kathy are said to be at odds. However, when it comes to her Instagram page, Kim isn’t letting anyone speak of the potential feud. Instead, she continues to insist that the relationship between her and her sisters is completely fine.

Although Kim Richards insisted that nothing was wrong, her fans and followers weren’t convinced — and sent her messages slamming her for continuing to leave Kyle out of her family photos.

“The only reason anyone is commenting is because it’s pretty obvious that you made it a point to show that Kyle was not there,” one person wrote.

“They’re not true sisters. If they were, Kyle [wouldn’t] be left out of family parties,” another said, adding that it was “very sad” to see Kyle had been left out.

Kim Richards’ Instagram post comes just days after a rumor began circulating which suggested that she was secretly happy to see that Kyle Richards’ Paramount Network series, American Woman, had been canceled, per AllAboutRH.

“The show was supposed to be about Kyle and Kim’s upbringing, but Kim didn’t like the way their family was portrayed,” an insider explained. “She was especially annoyed that Kyle didn’t even ask her for input! Every interview Kyle did about the show, Kim resented it.”

Now, after the show’s cancelation, Kim is reportedly gloating to anyone who will listen.

“Kim can’t stop rubbing Kyle’s nose in it,” adds a mutual friend. “She’s all over town just gossiping and gloating.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 will premiere on Bravo TV sometime later this year.