Martellus Bennett Says ‘There Are More Harry Potter Fans Than NFL Fans,’ & Quidditch Could Be A Huge Sport

John LamparskiGetty Images

Does Martellus Bennett have a future as a Quidditch player, or perhaps as the owner of a Quidditch franchise? The former New England Patriots tight end recently tried his hand at Harry Potter’s favorite sport and it looks like he had a blast!

TMZ recently caught up with the former NFL player who said that Quidditch could be huge if it moved into the urban market.

“FYI, Quidditch is a fast-paced field game that’s been described as part rugby, part dodgeball… and involves putting a ball through 3 different rings while running with a broom between your legs.”

Bennett joined the Los Angeles Gambits, a club Quidditch team, to give it a go for his new show Mostly Football. If you watch the video, you will see that despite the fact that Bennett is retired from the NFL, he is still in top shape at 6-foot-6 and 275 pounds, and an unusual and potentially lethal sight on a Quidditch pitch.

How Quidditch Is Played

Mostly Football has the former tight end trying unconventional sports like Quidditch and Sumo wrestling, and let’s just say that even in retirement, he still has a competitive edge.

TMZ got to watch Marcellus with his broom moving past others on the pitch like a pro.

“Not only did Martellus get super into it, he might’ve forgotten he’s not playing football anymore, ’cause he straight-up wrecked a dude while making a play. Ice up, son!”

TMZ then caught up with Bennett at LAX and asked him if he really thought Quidditch could join the other pro leagues like MLB, NFL, and NBA.

“If they took it to the urban community it would be [a national sport].”

Though the cameraman was incredulous, Bennett made an excellent point, which is the number of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter fans worldwide.

“There’s more Harry Potter fans than there are NFL fans.”

Move over FIFA!

USA Today caught up with Martellus Bennett on Twitter telling fans and the general public that he has no interest in fantasy football, and he could care less if you had drafted him or not (back when he was playing).

“I don’t care about your fantasy football team. Thanks! Sincerely real life football guy.”

Bennett wasn’t saying that fantasy football was bad, he just isn’t interested in hearing about it. He likened it to his interest in Quidditch, yet there is something innately interesting about a former NFL tight end running around with a broom.

“I just said I don’t give a [expletive] about it. I play quidditch in the summers I’m sure y’all don’t care.”

But we do, Marty, we really do.