‘One Piece’ Episode 854 Recap, Spoilers: Luffy On The Verge Of Suffering Massive Defeat Against Katakuri

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One Piece Episode 854, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, started with the Strawhat Pirates breaking all the mirrors in the Thousand Sunny. Charlotte Brulee and her siblings tried to put the Thousand Sunny on fire for the second time, but they no longer have any access to the ship. Using a broken piece of a mirror, Monkey D. Luffy managed to communicate with his friends.

Nami came up with an idea of how they can reunite with Luffy. Nami told Luffy to find a mirror that has an access to the Cacao Island and meet them at exactly 1:00 a.m. As we all know, the Cacao Island is the place where Vinsmoke Sanji, Lady Pudding, and Charlotte are recreating the wedding cake.

While the Strawhat Pirates are talking using the broken piece of a mirror, Charlotte Katakuri continues to launch critical blows against Luffy. Nami, Chopper, Carrot, and Brook are all worried that Luffy might be in a huge trouble dealing with one of Big Mom’s sweet commanders inside the Mirror World. However, before completely cutting communication with his crew, Luffy gave them a huge smile to assure them that he’s going to be fine and meet them at Cacao Island.

Luffy’s action raised the spirits of his friends, but Jinbe is feeling something bad about their captain. One Piece Episode 854 showed how powerful Katakuri really is. Though Luffy started to become more serious and use powerful attacks like Red Hawk and Elephant Gun, he’s still unable to damage the enemy. Aside from being born with Conqueror’s Haki, Katakuri also has a very powerful Observation Haki that enables him to slightly predict the future.

One Piece Episode 854 also revealed one surprising character of Katakuri. When Luffy tried to attack Brulee, Katakuri became angrier and punished the Strawhat Pirates captain with fatal blows. Unlike Big Mom, Katakuri cares about his siblings.

If nothing is done, it will only be a matter of time before Katakuri completely defeats the future Pirate King.

Even if he pulls a miracle in his battle against Katakuri, the life of Luffy and his friends are still in great danger since Brulee knew when and where they are planning to meet. Brulee already told his eldest brother Charlotte Perospero all the information. Perospero will definitely command all their armies to attack the Strawhat Pirates when they set foot at Cacao Island. However, before worrying about the infiltrators, Perospero will first need to stop Big Mom from destroying Nut Island.

One Piece Episode 854 also showed the Germa 66 fighting against Big Mom’s subordinates. After attempting to kill them during the wedding, the Vinsmoke family could be planning to take revenge against the Big Mom Pirates.