Is ‘Big Brother 19’s’ Jessica Graf Pregnant With Cody Nickson’s Baby?

Big Brother 19 alums Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson both posted photos on their Instagram profiles about eight hours ago suggesting they might be pregnant.

The Instagram photo in question on Jessica’s page features Cody with one arm wrapped around Graf’s waist and his other hand resting on her stomach. The duo both have huge smiles on their faces as Jessica gives a thumbs up with one leg kicked back. While Graf didn’t caption the photo, Big Brother followers and fans of this BB couple quickly ran away with the possibility Jessica was pregnant with Cody’s baby in the comment section of the photo.

Since the time it was published, Jessica’s photo has accumulated over 61,500 likes and 2,200 comments. The comment section continues to fill with individuals asking if the duo is pregnant as well as a few just assuming they are and congratulating them for the baby on the way.

“Omg are you preggo?” One Instagram user asked, following the question with several question marks. ”

Oh my goddddd!!! Please be what I think it is,” a second exclaimed hoping Jessica and Cody were actually having a baby.

There were even a few individuals who claimed to have thought it looked like Jessica was developing a bit of a baby bump in her last few pictures and had been wondering for a little while if the BB couple were going to have a baby.

On her Instagram story, the Big Brother alum also posted a picture that only added fuel to the question of whether Jessica and Cody are pregnant. The picture read, “Is she pregnant or just getting fat. That’s a secret I’ll never tell.”

Cody posted a picture on his own Instagram around the same time as Jessica. In this photo, the couple also has big smiles on their faces as Cody has his hand resting over his Jessica’s stomach. Unlike Graf, Nickson has the comments on his photos turned off.

A few pictures ago, Cody noted in the caption of a photo with him kissing Jessica that he wasn’t very big on social media. Despite the comments being shut off, Cody’s photo with his hand potentially over a baby bump has accumulated just shy of 30,000 likes.

At this time, Graf being pregnant with Nickson’s baby is nothing more than fan speculation based on the photos the duo have posted on Instagram. If they are with child, it isn’t a secret Jessica will “never tell” for very long.

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