Michelle Obama Surprises Guests By Officiating Wedding For Chicago Couple

Rodin EckenrothGetty Images

Guests at a Chicago wedding got a big surprise when they showed up and saw the person officiating the wedding — none other than Michelle Obama.

The former First Lady helped Stephanie Rivkin and Joel Sircus make their vows in a ceremony at the Theater on the Lake, USA Today reported. The moment was shared by Tina Newman, whose cousin was the one getting married.

“Holy Moly,” Newman wrote in her Instagram story. “That moment when Michelle Obama officiated at your (cousin’s) wedding!”

The video showed Michelle Obama leading the bride in her vows, with the former First Lady wearing a long-sleeve black dress in the outdoor venue.

Since leaving office and spending the first several months away from the spotlight, Michelle Obama has been raising her public profile with a series of appearances. She is currently on a book tour that has been selling out large arenas, Entertainment Weekly noted.

This comes despite a hefty price tag for premium seats, the report added.

“Tickets to see the 54-year-old at the New York arena are fetching $1,256 for some premium seats, and $3,000 for a special meet-and-greet package. Those looking to shell out less can opt for the more modestly priced upper-tier spots ($29.50).”

Michelle Obama has also become more active politically, joining her husband on the campaign trail to encourage turnout for Democratic voters in the critical upcoming midterm elections. As NBC News noted, she has teamed up with 20 African-American organizations for the When We All Vote project, which encourages voter registration and voting.

“The truth is, when we stay home, things stay the same, or they get worse,” Michelle Obama said in a public service announcement. “But when we all vote, we get new ideas and new energy. We get leaders who share our values and listen to our voices. That’s how we change America.”

Barack Obama has also been campaigning for Democratic candidates in some key races while also taking aim at President Donald Trump, something he had not done before. Both Barack and Michelle Obama remain highly popular with Democratic voters.

While guests at the wedding this weekend may have been surprised to see Michelle Obama officiating the ceremony, it wasn’t that unusual given the circumstances. As the wedding announcement in the New York Times, noted, the bride is the daughter of Chicago deputy mayor Robert S. Rivkin and mother worked at a charity started by Penny Pritzker, who served in Barack Obama’s administration.