‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jon Lindstrom Teases Return Of Laura, Spencer Seemingly Returning Home Too

General Hospital spoilers have teased that there’s a lot of great stuff on the way this fall and some interesting arrivals are on the horizon. It has been known for a while now that Genie Francis will be back as Laura and it looks like her first episodes will air soon. A social media post shared by actor Jon Lindstrom hinted that another familiar face may be back soon too.

It is known that Genie Francis started taping new episodes recently and her scenes should begin to air within the next few weeks. Now that actor Jon Lindstrom is doing double duty as Dr. Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain, fans are anxious to see Laura and Ryan interact. Will Laura be the one to figure out that Ryan has taken over his brother’s persona?

In a recent Instagram post that was then deleted, Lindstrom shared a cute photo showing him with Francis on the set. The interesting thing is that young actor Nicolas Bechtel was with Genie and Jon, and General Hospital fans know that Bechtel has played Spencer Cassadine for a while now.

The story had been that Laura left Port Charles to go take care of Spencer after he had been hurt off at boarding school. Bechtel has returned to General Hospital here and there when his schedule allowed over the past couple of years, but it has been a while since he’s popped up in Port Charles. Recently, fans had wondered if he might be returning in some capacity soon since his Disney show Stuck in the Middle is ending.

In Lindstrom’s post, he joked about how there’s something about Bechtel that makes him want to tickle Nicolas relentlessly. The young actor shared the post via Twitter and seemed to get a kick out of it, and at that time, he hadn’t said anything himself about returning to the role of Spencer again.

Lindstrom added hashtags referencing the Ryan and Kevin story and Kevin and Laura, so it would seem that this is referencing current filming that he’s doing. There doesn’t seem to be any official word on Bechtel reprising his role as Spencer this fall, but it certainly looks as if that may be the case.

General Hospital viewers have worried that the show might age the character of Spencer and replace Bechtel. His on-screen peers in the past have been Josslyn, Cameron, and Robin’s daughter Emma, and obviously, Joss and Cam have been aged. Fans would be disappointed to see Spencer back in Port Charles but with someone else in the role, but it doesn’t look like there’s any reason to worry yet.

If Laura and Spencer are returning, will that open the door for Nikolas to pop back up as alive and relatively well too? General Hospital spoilers have hinted that Nikolas may be brought back at some point, but nothing solid has emerged on that front yet.

Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers regarding Genie Francis’ return and what else might be on the way. Laura is said to be connected to two major storylines this fall and viewers would love it if Nicolas Bechtel were returning as Spencer Cassadine as well.

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