Krystal Nielson Flaunts Abs In Tiny Crop Shirt As Chris Randone Debuts His Clean-Shaven Face

Paul HebertABC

Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone are seriously blowing up their Instagram pages with cute couple photos, and fans can’t get enough. A couple of days ago, Krystal posted a photo of herself with Chris, and it’s hard to not notice Chris’ newly shaven face. He looks about ten years younger, and whatever “bad boy” persona he had with the facial hair, seems to have melted away. That’s not too different from how Krystal helped Chris open up during the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise, and it’s adorable to see the two so happy and in love.

In the picture, Krystal also looks fabulous, wearing a tiny red crop shirt with white polka dots. There’s ruffle details on the top, with a draw-string detail to add a little bit of an edge to her outfit. She paired the top with a mid-thigh length denim skirt. Chris, on the other hand, wore some dark skinny jeans with an olive-green shirt.

Fans also noticed Chris’ newly shaven face, with tons of people commenting that he “looks so much better shaved!” Someone said “Keepin that hair line cleaned up and on point,” while another fan said, “so much better with no beard.” It’s hard to know who’s idea it was to shave the beard off, but it looks like it’s a winning look.

Since that photo was posted, Krystal’s shared several more cute ones, including a selfie of the two with a soft filter. She asked fans what the two ought to do for date night on Friday, and people responded with a ton of ideas. From the typical options of “Dinner and dance,” “Paint and sip class,” to “go on a pretty hike and bring a picnic lunch.”

The two are absolutely glowing, and everyone is taking note. One person joked, “what’ve you been feeding him….he looks 10 years younger,” as others pointed out that the two are simply so in love with each other that they’re literally looking better each day.

They’re definitely raking in the points for being the sweetest couple to emerge from Paradise. It doesn’t hurt either that they were one of the two couples to get engaged on the show.

On the other hand, the other couple that got engaged on the show, Jordan and Jenna, are still dealing with the aftermath of the alleged cheating scandal. Jenna has made accusations against Reality Steve, saying he won’t release the original files of the text messages. She’s suggesting that Steve doesn’t want to release the original data because he doesn’t want his story to be blown, while Steve says he is protecting his source.