Traveling With Pets: Best Southeast Asian Countries To Take Your Fur Baby

Japan and Singapore are two of the best Southeast Asian countries to visit when traveling with pets. They both have services crafted explicitly for fur babies that would make vacationing with your pet both exciting and fun.

Tokyo, Japan, seems to be a city made just as much with dogs in mind as humans. It boasts a ton of services and facilities pet owners can enjoy with their fur babies. According to Savvy Tokyo, there are pet taxi services made to help people transport their dogs around Japan’s busiest city. For instance, Pet Taxi Smile is a service that will take pet parents and their furry friends to doggy salons, hospitals, and other pet-friendly places all while a CD compilation called Dreams of Dogs plays in the background.

Tokyo is also home to Doggy’s Island Resort & Villa. However, for the ultimate experience for your pet, there are villas Yachimata city. There dogs and their owners can experience the good life. There is a special menu for dogs, which includes dishes like risotto and croquettes. Dogs can enjoy their food in the comfort of their own suites which have private pools.

Meanwhile at Tsunayoshi no Yu in Odaiba, Japanese pet owners can treat their dogs to a spa treatment. Your dog will get to relax with jet bath massages, a bubble spa, and an oxygen capsule that will cleanse their pores — not to mention the hot springs. Pet owners will be comforted to know that there are professional trainers at the spa who can assess your dog’s health.

People traveling with their pet will find Singapore a welcoming country as well. Some of the places people vacationing with their pets can go are Tanjong Beach in Sentosa and Singapore Botanic Gardens. According to Barkpost, dogs can run freely without a leash at Tanjong Beach. There’s even a restaurant at the beach that provides doggie bowls filled with drinking water. Meanwhile, the Botanic Gardens is a lovely picturesque place to walk your dog.

The West Coast Park and Dog Run in Singapore is a 24/7 park where dogs and their owners can socialize with others. There’s tap water available throughout the park to stay hydrated.

Like Japan, there are doggie spas in Singapore, too. Honey Combers recommends A Dog’s Life Pet Salon, where dogs can get facials, or Wagging Rights, which offers gourmet food to their furry customers after a day of pampering.

Both Japan and Singapore require people traveling with their furry friends to present their pet passports and all pets must have vaccinations for rabies and distemper. Both countries also prefer pets to be microchipped.