Jenna Cooper Says Reality Steve Won’t Share Files, Saying The Truth Would ‘Kill His Story’

Paul HebertABC

Jenna Cooper seems to finally be on the offensive after the brutal allegations were made by Reality Steve that she was faking her relationship with Jordan Kimball. While the couple was part of Bachelor in Paradise, they had some minor ups and downs but ended up being engaged. It should have been another “happily ever after” story, but unfortunately things took a nasty turn when Steve released texts from Jenna’s supposed “other” lover. These texts said that she was only faking her love for Jordan for her business, and that she would dump him and make him look bad at some point.

She described in length on Instagram that she’s working with her lawyer to prove the texts were falsified. In particular, she said that she requested the text files from Steve (real name Stephen Carbone), but that he declined to do so.

“Through his lawyer, Stephen Carbone said ‘Regardless, whether the information provided to Mr. Carbone was actually truth is not the relevant inquiry.'”

That’s a strange comment to make, considering that whether the information is true or not changes the entire narrative about the cheating scandal. Jenna then goes on to address Steve directly, saying the following.

“I challenge Stephen Carbone to provide the text files he posted to his “blog” to all of us. He WILL NOT because he doesn’t want you to know that the texts were not from me – it would kill his story.”

If the cheating allegations turn out to be false, that also would stir up huge controversy and drama that would require lots of explanation.

In the meantime, some fans are becoming critical of Jordan Kimball for leaving her in the dust right after the allegations were publicized. Others are now blaming both Jordan and Jenna for fabricating the drama, as one user commented that “I call bullsh*t on @jennacooperfit and @jordan_kimball.”

Another group of people still don’t believe Jenna at all, and are complaining that it sounds like she’s not telling the truth. One fan said that “Her statement just sounds weird… like as if she’s lying.”

Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure. Team Jordan and Team Jenna are really starting to get defensive about their favorite cast member, and there’s a lot of speculation flying around.

Meanwhile, Jenna is sending her thanks to people who “believe in me and believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty, THANK YOU! And love you [heart emoji]”