Russian Bigfoot DNA Analyzed By Scientists: Yeti Or Yogi?

Bigfoot DNA is in the news again. Over the last three years, the Russian Bigfoot, or Yeti, was claimed to be a “towering, long-haired beast roaming the Mount Shoria region of southern Russia.” This potential Bigfoot has left clumps of hair in caves that scientists have just now analyzed.

Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford’s Wolfson Institute has led a global genetics project to test hair samples from possible Bigfoots. Professor Sykes told The Sun what he thought about this Bigfoot DNA:

“The hairs did not come from a yeti. The American black bear result was highly unusual. An explanation could be an animal escaped from a circus, zoo or private collection, but it is extraordinary.”

The distinctive hair is now thoughts to have come from a rare type of black bear from North America which has a scientific classification of Ursus americanus. The other two potential Bigfoot DNA samples turned out to be from a raccoon and a horse.

These black bears can reach seven feet, just like the yeti sighted at Shoria, but experts are puzzled since they would expect the hair to be from an Asiatic black bear, which can be throughout Russia, instead of a bear species normally confined to North America. The working hypothesis is that the North American black bear is an escaped circus animal.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, potential Bigfoot DNA made headlines earlier when a Dr. Melba Ketchum spent the past five years pouring over Sasquatch samples collection from various North American locales. After a thorough scientific examination of the evidence, Ketchum declared that the legendary creature is strikingly similar to human beings.

Other experts were not so impressed, with many pointing to the fact that that DNA Diagnostics — the company used to dig through the alleged Bigfoot DNA — has been given an “F” by the Better Business Bureau. In fact, over a dozen people have complained about the company’s services.

Do you think that further investigation into Bigfoot DNA will eventually turn up an unknown creature?

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