‘Extreme Animal Obsessions’ On Netflix Should Be Watched With An Empty Stomach

Extreme Animal Obsessions is the name of a two-episode TV mini-series that aired five years ago. Netflix added the peculiar short series to their library a few days ago on September 20.

What’s On Netflix – a fan site decided to all Netflix related news – noted that unless you have a truly bizarre viewing history on your profile, this is a show that is unlikely to surface in recommendations as something to watch. The fan site went on to describe the series as “compelling” as well as the “weirdest show ever” to hit the Netflix library.

Extreme Animal Obsessions is a short documentary series that tells the story of a few different individuals with intense obsessions with animals. Some obsessions result in a specific type of diet while others result in lifestyle choices. While What’s On Netflix admitted the series is compelling and intriguing, it is one of those shows not to be watched with any type of snack. Ideally, this is a type of show best viewed on an empty stomach.

Warning: The rest of this article may contain spoilers.

Episode 1: “I Eat Roadkill”

During this 47-minute long episode, viewers take a look at several different individuals with strange animal-related obsessions. The episode kicks off with a soft and cute story of a woman who likes to dress insects in costumes. While it certainly isn’t something you see or hear about every day, it isn’t really something that turns your stomach. Next, the episode transitions into girls who like to dress up and pretend to be mermaids. It isn’t until after the mermaids that things take a weird – and gross – turn.

Next, the episode shifts to the main feature – a woman who only eats raw meat. As if eating raw meat wasn’t gross enough, the woman only eats raw road kill.

The first episode of this two-episode series ends with a man who enjoys channeling his inner dog. He walks around the house on all fours, pees on the wall, and eats meals out of a dog bowl. The series does try to point out channeling his inner canine is something the man only does during his free time. Despite having this odd obsession, the man manages to maintain a full-time job to support his spouse and his children.

Episode 2: “You Make What Out Of Bull….?”

Unfortunately, the second episode – also 47-minutes long – of this mini-series does revisit the road kill subject. The only difference is this woman prefers to cook her road kill as opposed to eating it raw.

The focus of Episode 2, however, isn’t the road kill meals. The focus is the woman who enjoys pony play. Pony play involves dressing up like a horse and pretending to be a horse. Typically, pony play also involves a second party who also participates in treating the individual like they are actually a pony.

All in all, this latest addition to the Netflix library is one of those “watch at your own risk” type of shows.