How The Answer To Meghan Markle’s Family Drama Turned Out To Be Her Mom, Doria Ragland

WPA PoolGetty Images

The Meghan Markle family debacle has been a royal headache for the duchess’ new family. From name-calling, outlandish letters sent to the queen, to embarrassing interviews, it seems like the Markles have done everything they could to get attention from the media. And throughout it all, the royals have remained silent, as famous celebrities quipped in their two cents. For example, Chrissy Teigen and Meghan’s TV dad, Wendell Pierce, both spoke out on their opinions on the family drama.

At one point, someone pointed out that if Thomas really wanted to get a hold of his daughter, that he could do so through her mother, Doria Ragland. But more than that, nobody could have anticipated the impact that Meghan’s mom would have on the public during an appearance at her daughter’s first charity event. And indeed, the Daily Beast noted the following.

“The presence of [Meghan’s] mom by her side as she makes her way in royal life has the potential to be a transformative concept not just for Meghan, but for Harry and the entire Royal Family.”

It was “unprecedented” for Doria to attend an official royal engagement to begin with, but she also was an integral part of the day. She mingled with attendees, gave words of encouragement, and, as the DailyBeast declared, “It was implicitly political, proudly feminist, and absolutely of the moment.”

The impact of Doria didn’t just end there, as her dignified presence seems to have completely taken over the public perception of the Markle family. No longer does the public just have Thomas, Samantha, and Thomas, Jr.’s words to judge the duchess by. To the contrary, it appears that royal family fans are becoming taken with Doria already. And the mother’s done it all, just by being herself and also by being welcomed warmly by the royal family.

Even long before Ragland’s presence at the charity event, others were taking note of her. For example, the New Yorker noted that “Ragland flew to Heathrow to do what black women do: straighten the mess up. One vision of the black mother depends on this kind of self-effacing altruism. The public has fallen for Ragland.”

Moreover, the publication added the following.

“The hunger for a cordial kind of racial harmonizing is strong. I know Markle feels that burden, and I know that Ragland does, too.” If that was true, no doubt the royals are winning by letting Doria take the stage, rather than Thomas.