Halle Berry Shows Off Exercise To ‘Increase Sexual Arousal In Women’

Halle Berry is one of the most stunning women alive, and she loves working on her fitness goals. She frequently posts videos of her workouts to Instagram, showing her tough sessions with her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas.

The Daily Mail reports that Berry went into great detail about the benefits of regular cardio on today’s Instagram post. The hyper-fit star, 52, posted a video of her and Thomas jumping and lunging in her beautiful garden along with a breakdown of what she feels are the important benefits of regular exercise.

First, she extolled the benefits of a solid cardio workout.

“For me, cardio is an essential part of my work out, and I believe that no fitness regime is complete without it,” the toned actor said. She went on to reveal a surprising side benefit of all that exercise.

“My personal favorite,” she said, “increased sexual arousal in women. Cardio and heart health can go hand-in-hand; it efficiently pumps blood through the body, balancing your #BloodPressure and resting heart rate. Looking for more? Cardio has got you covered!”

Berry listed some of the other benefits that have been brought to her by regular exercise. She said it has improved her memory and increased her circulation. The increased circulation has led to clearer, healthier skin. It’s also helped her control her blood sugar. Regular exercise also increases the oxygen supply to muscles so they work harder.

She also said that regular cardiovascular exercise has led to reduced feelings of fatigue and a decrease in shortness of breath. Of course, one of the major benefits is that it also burns calories. She encouraged her followers to get to running and jumping and join her on the path to fitness.

She and Thomas have become close friends throughout their workouts. When Thomas celebrated a birthday a few days ago on September 15, Berry shared a snap of him on her own profile. She said he is her “spirit animal health nut” and it seems that the two share similar values and fitness goals.

Berry said that Thomas and his fitness have truly changed her life. The personal trainer got her into shape for her role as a mixed martial arts fighter in Bruised, which is yet to be released. Berry also does grueling fight scenes in John Wick 3: Parabellum, where she co-stars as a hitman with Keanu Reeves.

Hollywood is notorious for the pressure to stay thin and fit, but it’s nice to see Berry finding joy and purpose in exercise beyond looks.

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