Barnes And Noble Pushes Back Nook Delivery Until January 15th

If you’ve been waiting in eager anticipation for that Barnes And Noble Nook to arrive that you ordered as a Christmas present you may be more out of luck than you already were. While originally slated for a December release and then pushed back to January 11th, the B&N website is now showing a January 15th arrival date, pretty much ensuring very few holiday miracles for eagerly awaiting customers.

Adding to that news is a circulating rumor that Barnes and Noble stores will also be skipped over for the Christmas buying season, so basically, no one will be getting their devices in time for Christmas.

If B&N were attempting a Nintendo “shortage” type stunt they’ve succeeded, unfortunately for them the technology in the Nook isn’t as “must have” as the Wii when it debuted. In the meantime Amazon has a whole bunch of Kindles they’ll get out to buyers immediately. [Engadget]