‘One Piece’ Chapter 918 Reveals Tama’s Role In The Upcoming War Between Strawhat Alliance And Beast Pirates

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Tama was the little ninja girl Monkey D. Luffy met at the Kuri Beach. During that time, Tama was being chased by the subordinates of Emperor Kaido for speaking for the late Kozuki Oden. With the help of Luffy, Tama managed to defeat the enemies and used her devil fruit power to tame Hihimaru.

After learning what happened to his subordinates and Hihimaru, Beast Pirates headliner Holdem became more interested in Tama. In the previous chapters of One Piece, Holdem ordered his men to kidnap Tama in order to know more about her devil fruit power. Holdem believes Tama’s ability would allow them to take control of powerful animals in the Wano Country like Hihimaru.

Holdem tried to do everything to learn the secret behind Tama’s devil fruit power, including using pliers to get something out of her cheeks. Unfortunately, they failed to get any useful information. One Piece Chapter 918 featured Luffy successfully saving Tama from her kidnappers. He also easily defeated Holdem using his powerful Red Hawk.

The latest chapter of One Piece also revealed that Tama’s devil fruit power cannot only be used to tame animals, but it is also effective against Gifters, also known as artificial devil fruit or SMILE users. On their way out of the Bakura Town, Luffy decided to split up with Zoro and O-Kiku to divide the attention of the enemies.

Since Zoro’s group are riding Komachiyo, Luffy looked for his own ride. The Strawhat Pirates captain found a horse which turned out to be Speed, one of the headliners of Emperor Kaido. At first, Speed was hesitant to give Luffy and Tama a ride. Luckily, Luffy found a way to control the female centaur. He ordered Tama to take some Kibi Dango out of her cheeks and feed it to Speed.

Tama told Luffy that her devil fruit power can only be used to tame wild animals, but she was surprised to see that it was effective against Speed. Tama’s ability will undeniably be very useful in the upcoming war between the Strawhat Pirates alliance and the Beast Pirates. Once she learns that Luffy is an ally of the Kozuki clan, Tama will surely volunteer to fight against Emperor Kaido. As we all know, most of the members of the Beast Pirates, including seven known headliners, had eaten the artificial devil fruits which gave them the characteristics of various animals.

Before the war officially starts, the Strawhat Pirates could use Tama’s ability to put some of Emperor Kaido’s subordinates under their control. The upcoming chapters of One Piece are expected to give more information about Tama’s devil fruit power, including the duration of its effectiveness against Gifters and if it can be used against normal Zoan devil fruit users.