Tupac Shakur Is Alive And Hiding In Cuba, According To Security Guy Who Claims To Have Smuggled Him There

Tupac Shakur didn’t die of gunshot wounds on the Las Vegas strip back in 1996 but is alive and well in Cuba, claims the security guy who said he was part of the smuggling ring which helped the rapper flee there.

The Sun reports that a man called Michael Nice has claimed that he was part of a team which helped the rapper escape to Cuba.

Reports about the resurrection of Tupac are nothing new. Many believe there’s no way Tupac could have died on that fabled night after leaving a Mike Tyson fight. Conspiracy theories about the rapper faking his death have run amok on the internet for time out of mind.

And now Michael Nice has fanned the flames further by suggesting he was part of the security team for the Black Panthers political party in the 1990s which whisked Tupac away to a safe place.

According to Nice, the Panthers heard about a hit being put on Shakur and decided to intervene.

Michael told TMZ that the rapper was only injured in September 1996 and not killed.

“Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac?

“Because Tupac is not dead. If he was dead, they’d be arresting those dudes for murder. You know he’s somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar on an island.”

Nice also explained how they transported an injured Tupac out of the country.

“It was me, my brother, the pilot, Tupac as the co-pilot and two Panther guys on the jet.”

“We took off and immediately knew we were safe, we felt good and it was like escaping from prison.”

“There were hugs and handshakes when we finally managed to get him to Barbados. Then my brother helped him get to Cuba from there.”

There’s a school of thought which would have you believe rock or rap stars don’t die, they just end up hanging around burger bars, living on the streets, and indulging in a spot of light gardening.

Apparently, they are also strangely prone to spending their days photo bombing, taking a string of selfies, and leaving heavy-handed clues to their real identity.

In reality, Jim Morrison may have breathed his last in the bath, Elvis Presley may have met his maker on the porcelain throne, Tupac Shakar’s last words may have been “f**k you” to the cop who was first on the scene after the rapper was mowed down by his enemies, and Kurt Cobain’s final action on this mortal coil may have been the pulling of a trigger. But in theory – and we’re talking conspiracy theory here – all these guys didn’t burn out, but just faded away into the background, as their legends grew big and their record company’s bank balance grew even bigger.

Faking your own death is a big ask, but when you’re one of the most famous people on the planet, one is tempted to snarl, “Poppycock!”

Admittedly, rock stars don’t die the same deaths as mere mortals. Much like Obi-Wan Kenobi, when they’re struck down, they grow even stronger in the hearts and minds of the legions of fans they leave behind.

When Jesus Christ died, he came back from the dead a few days later to hang around in a cave with his disciples, and why shouldn’t musical messiahs such as Presley, Morrison, Cobain, and Shakur do the same?

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