Millie Bobby Brown Defends Friendship With Drake, Calls It ‘Lovely’

The internet did not respond favorably to 14-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown’s admitted friendship with 31-year-old rapper Drake after she gushed about him in an Access Hollywood interview. The Stranger Things star took to Instagram on Thursday to defend their friendship and tell off anyone who felt the need to comment on it, reported E! News.

In the interview, Brown talked about how she and Drake text all the time and mentioned that he gives her dating advice. “He texted me the other day and was like, ‘I miss you so much’, and I was like, ‘I miss you more!’,” she told Access.

Many people have commented that the age difference between the two makes a friendship highly inappropriate. The Inquisitr reported that in an Independent piece by Katie Goh, the writer condemned the friendship, saying, “take away that Brown and Drake are two household names and you’re still left with a 31-year-old man sending personal texts to a teenager.”

The actress, who stars as Eleven on the hit series, did not appreciate the backlash that she received in response to her comments about Drake. She wrote in an Instagram post, “Why u gotta make a lovely friendship ur headline? U guys are weird… for real.”

She continued, “I’m lucky to have people in the business extend their time to help me further my career and offer their wisdom and guidance. I’m very blessed to have amazing people in my life. U don’t get to choose that for me. It’s nice to have people who understand what I do. Now get back to talking about real problems in this world other than my friendships… jeez.” The actress signed off the note with a peace sign emoji.

Many social media users have commented that Drake’s relationship with 18-year-old model Bella Harris makes it seem more creepy that he is friends with the young actress. Others have also accused Drake of “grooming” Brown.

One Twitter user wrote, “What grown man texts a 14 year old on the daily and waits for a 16 year old to hit 18 so he can date her? Gross.” Another commented, “okay, she’s no where close of being legal. This is an issue. It’s creepy and gross. Idgaf if it is Drake.”

However, not everyone agreed that the relationship was inappropriate or creepy. One Twitter user commented, “I honestly think tht Drake and Millie are completely platonic and the implication of anything more by the media is wayyyyy outta pocket. If more of yall had positive male figures in your life, our generation wouldn’t be so wild.”

The friendship may be completely platonic and innocent but as the Inquisitr pointed out, many young actresses in Hollywood have been targeted and exploited for decades. Adults in the lives of young stars need to be on alert for “grooming,” or when another adult emotionally connects with a child with the intent of one day taking advantage of that relationship, typically in a sexual way.

Drake has not yet commented on Brown’s interview or Instagram message.

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