Gigi Hadid Stuns In Elaborate Wedding Dress 'Carried By 'Butterflies' At Moschino's Milan Fashion Week Show

Supermodel Gigi Hadid made jaws drop at the Moschino Fashion Week runway in Milan. The model closed the show wearing a short wedding gown complete with white heels and an enormous veil that was -- wait for it -- carried by paper butterflies. A closer look at the video shows that people wearing all black bodysuits are actually parading the incredible veil and butterfly contraption down the runway, but the effect is still gorgeous.

Gigi Hadid's caption sends great love to creative director Jeremy Scott for his innovative mind and incredible artistic vision. The look was definitely a show-stopper, and Hadid took in every moment on the catwalk. The model slowly made her way around the rectangular catwalk, and her graceful walk was accentuated by the gentle lift of the butterflies. The veil, which trailed in the air far behind the model, moved in perfect waves which only added to the show's spectacle and sense of wonder. According to W Magazine, other looks in the collection included dresses that resembled pen-and-ink creations and bolts of fabric that seemed magically transformed into a garment.

This isn't the first time that the supermodel has worn a wedding gown for the sake of a fashion show or shoot, but it is definitely a hallmark moment in her career and at Milan Fashion Week.

Hadid, Scott, and Moschino are all very familiar with each other. Gigi Hadid is a regular booking for both Jeremy Scott's own fashion line and Moschino.

Many are noting the smart idea of using puppetry to create the butterfly illusion. Some commenters pointed out a similar (yet devastating) butterfly moment in pop culture history. Asia O'Hara (of "RuPaul's Drag Race") made headlines earlier this summer when she used (and accidentally maimed) live butterflies on national television -- Entertainment Weekly has an article, in case you missed one of the most cringeworthy moments in TV history. While O'Hara received backlash from animal rights groups, it seems that Jeremy Scott and Gigi Hadid will only be receiving praise for the extreme illusion.

For decades, the fashion industry has exploited live animals for the sake of an aesthetic or look. However, with Jeremy Scott's puppet butterflies, it seems that changes are being made, at least by some.

Gigi may have just closed the Moschino show, but with Milan Fashion Week still ongoing, she's nowhere near finished working. Fans will be holding their breath to see what looks the model sports next.