Carrie Underwood Says Her Facial Surgery 'Definitely Was Not A Choice'

Carrie Underwood is opening up about the 40 to 50 stitches she had in her face last year after falling on some steps outside her home in November. Per People, the country superstar spoke candidly about having to undergo reconstructive surgery on her upper lip during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on September 19, where she admitted that she was initially worried that her fans might think she chose to get plastic surgery to alter her appearance.

Speaking about the fall with the comedian and daytime talk show host, Carrie said that she decided it was time to tell her fans about her fall and warn them that she may not quite look the same because she was worried people would have chosen to go under the knife.

"My biggest worry at the time was like, if I say nothing, then later on… I feel like people are gonna say, 'What has she done to herself electively?' And it definitely was not a choice," Underwood admitted of her plastic surgery.

The star also said that although the injury and scarring now appears to be pretty minimal, she still feels as though she looks a little different to how she did before the suffered the traumatic accident – which also left her with several cuts and abrasions and a broken wrist - almost a year ago.

"I feel like I do [look different] a little bit," Underwood told DeGeneres, but added that she's now feeling back to her normal self more and more 10 months after the fall and subsequent plastic surgery. "I feel close to myself. I feel pretty close to normal."

Carrie, who's currently pregnant with her second child with husband Mike Fisher, also told the talk show host that she actually didn't realize just how badly she'd injured herself at first.

"I feel like any time anything happens, it's adrenaline or something," Underwood said, "you don't really know until you take a second to assess."

As Inquisitr previously reported, Carrie first opened up about the accident earlier this year in April, where she even admitted that she was worried her 3-year-old son Isaiah wouldn't recognise her and would actually be "scared" of her due to the injuries to her face.

She explained that the fall happened as she was taking he dogs out for a walk but tripped on the bottom step while leaving her home.

"If I had fallen anywhere else, I would have been perfectly fine. But it was one step that messed everything up," Carrie told radio host Bobby Bones, before noting that things were so bad at first that there was a point in her life when she "didn't know how things were going to end up."

Carrie Underwood opens up about her facial plastic surgery
Getty Images | Rich Fury

Fortunately, Underwood's scars now appear to have healed pretty well, though her latest confessions about the fall comes mere days after the "Cry Pretty" singer opened up about another tragic incident that took place in 2017.

Carrie spoke candidly about suffering three consecutive miscarriages in an incredibly raw and emotional interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

Inquisitr reported that Carrie told the world about her struggle to get pregnant with her second child, even recalling a heart-breaking conversation she had with God where she admitted that she got "angry" after suffering her third miscarriage in a row.