Google Says Android V2.0.1 Update Will Arrive In The Next Few Weeks

Google Android will be getting an update to v2.0.1 in the next few weeks and according to Google the new version of their popular mobile operating system will include several bug fixes and a new option for developers.

The bug fixes will will apparently fix autofocus issues on the device which has been a big issue for Droid users, while also providing better reception when making and receiving calls. On the developer front a “Sync Tester” for checking third-party sync adapters will be provided.

There are also rumors circulating that a new redesigned Android Market will debut at that time and allow for direct from the carrier billing, rather than needing to use Google Checkout. Users would also be able to use their computers to buy apps instead of their phones if they chose to do so.

The update will be available as an “Over The Air (OTA)” option. Whatever new upgrades they offer I’m excited considering that every new version of Android has helped to increase the functionality and fun found on Android handsets. [Electronista]