Fans Think The Label That Represents Both Eminem And Machine Gun Kelly Manufactured Their Feud

Elder statesmen Eminem has recently been engaging in a “beef” with Machine Gun Kelly. Eminem is no stranger to beefs, and has in fact released entire albums of diss tracks aimed at his wife, other rappers, his mother, and various celebrities. But Cosmopolitan reports that this beef may be fake. He and Machine Gun Kelly have been slinging barbs back and forth via Twitter and their track lists for several years now.

Even with the history, Twitter users have latched on to the conspiracy theory that the feud between the two rap artists is being manufactured by their label to sell albums and generate publicity. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time stories were created to generate publicity, and it won’t be the last.

But Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem do seem to have a legitimate basis for their fight. In 2012, Machine Gun Kelly tweeted that he thought Eminem’s only daughter Hailie was “hot as f**ck”. Eminem’s daughter was born in 1995, making her approximately 17 years old at the time. Machine Gun Kelly is 5 years older than Hailie, and was about 23. Naturally, Eminem didn’t respond well to this type of comment.

Machine Gun Kelly performs at the iHeart Radio Music Festival.

Eminem of course did not forget the comment. Six years later, he got his revenge and put Machine Gun Kelly in his place on his track Not Alike in which he admonished the rapper to stop commenting on his daughter.

Machine Gun Kelly fired back, saying that Eminem wasn’t even part of the rap game anymore. Now, this is a statement that would surely anger Eminem. But fans are still speculating that the two are engaged in nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are both signed to Interscope Records. Some fans speculate the pair’s respective diss tracks were produced by the same person, Ronald Spence Jr. Variations of his name appear in credits on both albums. In some instances, a “Ronny J” is credited and fans are speculating that they are one and the same. That would mean that the same producer assisted in creating tracks aimed at the other artist, which would indeed be suspicious.

Fans speculate that their shared label, Interscope Records is behind the whole thing in order to drive album sales. Many were particularly disappointed at the idea that Eminem might be involved in a fake feud. Nothing has been confirmed, but it would seemingly be out of character for Eminem to do.