Samantha Markle Believes People Are Trying To Hack Her Phone & ‘Remote Cameras’ Could Be Placed In Her House

Meghan Markle in public appearance.
WPA Pool / Getty Images

Samantha Markle has been so outspoken about her disdain for half-sister Meghan that now her Twitter feed is heavily scrutinized by many members of the press. However, that also means that everything that she says is now out for the world to read about — and readers are coming to their own conclusions after hearing about Samantha’s latest conspiracy theories.

Markle claimed in a recent tweet that the following was taking place.

“To the morons sitting in the van running a mobile router to tap my phone, close your zippers, your shrinky d*nks are visible!”

It didn’t just end there, as Samantha added this statement in the comments, according to Cosmopolitan.

“It cracks me up! And if they put remote cameras on me like they did at my old house I will show them my butt.”

And then she concluded her Twitter diatribe with a bitter parting shot.

“Yeah they are and we caught them doing it a couple of times. They are crazy and so are tabloid readers.”

The comments ranged from people defending Samantha — saying that nobody else knows what she’s going through — to people saying that they feel “very sad” for her. Someone else offered practical advice, which is that “If your house is being bugged call the police and or the FBI and have them check this out.”

The idea of someone hacking phones from a van is nothing new. In fact, Forbes published an article in June that described a $5 million surveillance van called “WiSpear” that can hack iPhones in a 500-meter radius. It works by “forcing” a phone to join one of its Wi-Fi-based interceptors — which then gives hackers access to the phone’s contents. However, this is probably one of the more expensive examples of such a set-up, and experts didn’t even recommend it for day-to-day law enforcement purposes due to the hefty price tag.

For now, it’s hard to know what Samantha is talking about — because the audience watching this affair unfold is not at her house. However, it would be interesting to find out more about her previous issues with “remote cameras” at her old house.

In the meantime, Samantha seems to have moved on from the topic of being potentially surveilled, blasting the Express article that described a scenario in which a psychic discovered that the Duchess has reconciled with her dad. This is what she said.

“OMG someone needs to heal the rift in between wannabee psychic Sally Morgan’s ears!”

Samantha also added this comment.

“There was no Skype there is no healing. Again if psychics were real, they would win the lottery and help the poor. Sally Morgan should chat with Sylvia Browne about Amanda Berry.”