49ers Flub: Team Members Spotted Partying At Strip Club In Days Before Super Bowl

The 49ers had a flub in the days leading up to the Super Bowl when several team members were spotted partying at a strip club, leading to criticism that they weren’t taking preparations for the big game seriously.

Several 49ers players were seen on Thursday at the Penthouse Club, a high-end strip club in New Orleans, TMZ noted. A video provided by the news outlet showed running back Frank Gore, wide receiver Michael Crabtree, and linebacker Patrick Willis all entering the establishment off of Bourbon Street.

The 49ers flub likely cost the players quite a bit, The Huffington Post noted. Yelp reviews showed that the strip club is one of the pricier ones in New Orleans, so it’s likely the players dropped a good bit of change there. The trip also hurt them in the media, as outlets portrayed the players as not being terribly serious in their preparation for the biggest game of the year.

The flub by the 49ers players isn’t the first time a team has been gotten into trouble in the days before the Super Bowl. In 1999, Atlanta Falcons player Eugene Robinson, who until then had a squeaky clean image, was arrested with a prostitute.

In 2003, Oakland Raiders center Barrett Robbins left the team in San Diego and crossed the border to Tijuana. Robbins, who had been known to suffer from bipolar disorder, did not return and was left off the Super Bowl roster.

The strip club visit wasn’t the only 49ers flub of the week. On Wednesday, cornerback Chris Culliver said he wouldn’t welcome a gay teammate in the locker room, leading to a round of criticism and earning himself a trip to sensitivity training.