Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton Appear To Be Sharing Closet Items

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have a lot in common – they’re both incredibly fashionable, they both married royalty, and they’re both duchesses. Truly, each one has her own story line on par with a Cinderella fairy tale. But now it’s clear they have even more in common than previously thought – they’ve been showing up in the same outfits! No, they’re not dressing identically at public events. But there are some astonishing similarities between outfits they’ve each worn lately.

Hollywood Life reported on the twinning phenomenon, noting some pretty identical outfits and accessories being worn by Kate and Meghan lately. Could they be raiding each other’s closets? Keen royal watchers will note that Meghan has taken to volunteering at the Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in West London. She made several visits there throughout the past year. On past visits, the stylish duchess has worn a classic white button-down shirt, and a white and navy striped shirt.

Kate is extremely fond of stripes, and wore a nearly identical shirt from ME+EM in 2014 at a polo match in Gloucestershire in 2014. Perhaps Kate is inspiring Meghan with her crisp nautical-inspired style. Or perhaps it’s less direct. Kate is well-known for her spirit of giving back. Now, Meghan is doing the same with her various projects.

Meghan is supporting a new charity cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook. Meghan, who used to run her own lifestyle and food blog, The Tig, wrote the foreword for the book.

Kate is also known as the “royal recycler” because of her tendency to re-wear entire outfits and wardrobe staples like jeans. She’s even re-worn the Alexander McQueen outfit she wore on Meghan and Harry’s wedding day – the cream number had been seen in public before. Kate’s practical nature may be a style choice, but it also makes her and Meghan more relatable to everyday women who can’t wear all-new clothing each time they leave the house.

By sharing and re-wearing, Meghan and Kate are proving that they’re in touch with regular people as well as the elite. It looks like the two sisters-in-law have started sharing clothes. Luckily, they both have an effortless inner style that means they both look terrific in the same striped sweater.

Neither of them have dared to copy the style of their grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, however. Though it would be interesting to see their more youthful take on her stylish, classic, monochromatic suits and hats.