‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kiki And Ava Have A New Showdown As Griffin’s Presence Ruffles Feathers

This week's episodes of 'General Hospital' feature intense scenes with Ava, Kiki, and Griffin

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

This week's episodes of 'General Hospital' feature intense scenes with Ava, Kiki, and Griffin

Ava and Kiki have had a difficult relationship for many years now, and it is perhaps the worst it’s ever been right now. General Hospital spoilers suggest that a new round of drama between the mother-and-daughter pair is on the way and it looks as if Griffin will be at the center of this upcoming battle yet again.

Despite their numerous conflicts in the past, Ava and Kiki had been on relatively good terms in recent months. On good terms, that is, until things went haywire over Griffin. Kiki and Griffin had a drunken fling and the truth came out in the ugliest of ways during her trial against Bensch. The two women faced off and essentially disowned one another, but a sneak peek shows that they’re about to go at it again.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, General Hospital spoilers from the weekly sneak peek have shown that Ava will pay Kiki a visit and get quite snarky when she sees Griffin there. SheKnows Soaps explains that the preview for Wednesday’s show gives a hint regarding how this may come together. Kiki and Griffin will run into one another at General Hospital and he’ll be in a rough place.

Griffin will tell Kiki that somebody just ripped away the last thing he had left in this world. It isn’t clear yet what he’s referring to, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that Kiki will lend her support to Griffin and try to help him process whatever just happened.

Eventually, Kiki and Griffin will seemingly head to her place, and while it doesn’t look like they get frisky, they do get comfortable enough that things look suspicious when Ava eventually shows up at the door. Soap Central confirms that Kiki and Griffin will be spending some time together, and Ava is going to become furious and lash out.

Viewers thought they had already seen an unrepairable breakdown in the relationship between Kiki and Ava. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that this upcoming face-off could put the final nail in the coffin so to speak.

Is this destruction being used to lay the groundwork for Kiki to ultimately be Nina’s biological daughter as many fans suspect? Tuesday’s show brought an interesting twist with Curtis meeting with a woman named Sasha over the possibility that she’s that long-lost daughter, but many viewers still think it’ll be Kiki who is that missing piece in Nina’s life.

Seeing Kiki’s relationship with Ava irretrievably broken would likely have viewers rooting for her to learn that she can build a fresh relationship with her true biological mother in Nina. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are big developments on the way over the next few days involving Kiki, Ava, and Griffin, and fans can’t wait to see if this takes them in the direction they’ve been anticipating with a connection to Nina.