Meghan Markle Reportedly Isn’t Getting Along With All Of Prince Harry’s Friends, Per ‘The Sun’

Meghan's not getting along with all of Harry's friends.
Anthony Devlin / Stringer / Getty Images

Meghan Markle has made a good impression on the royal family and fans, but it sounds like not everyone is enamored by her. Unfortunately, Lady Colin Campbell said that Meghan’s finding it hard to get along with some of Prince Harry’s friends. And the reason isn’t personal, but rather political. The Duchess is known to be left-wing, but moreover, she’s a huge advocate of animal rights. This is what Campbell said, according to The Sun.

“[Meghan’s] politics are an issue. She is ultra-liberal and that trendy-lefty stuff does not go down well with some of Harry’s friends…. He has introduced her to them all at parties and weddings and private dinners, but she is very anti a lot of the things that their world functions upon, such as shooting.”

The royals typically do not make statements about politics, but Meghan is apparently still holding onto her political beliefs. And it appears that she has influence over her husband’s decision to go hunting. It’s something that Markle apparently despises, especially since she’s such a strong advocate for animals. So although Prince Harry typically participates in the family’s traditional grouse hunt at Balmoral every year, he didn’t attend this year. A royal insider revealed the following, as described by The Sun.

“Harry loves it and has always been out there on Boxing Day. But if it means breaking with long-standing royal traditions to avoid upsetting her, so be it. It’s fair to say that there are some pretty stunned faces around here.”

Some of the other ways that Meghan has expressed her love for animals includes adopting rescue dogs, refusing to wear leather or food, and going vegan part-time.

In fact, PETA UK applauded Meghan’s choice not to wear fur, even dubbing her a “vegan fashion royalty.” As a fashion icon, her simple remark about her love for vegan leather reportedly led to a 67 percent increase in online searches for “vegan leather trousers,” reported the Telegraph. This is what Meghan said in June.

“The key is to have your own point of view attached to it… Personally, I love cropped pants in vegan leather, a great fitted blazer and a button-down [shirt].”

Vegan leather is much-loved for being cruelty-free, and also for being very soft to the touch. For example, a recent collaboration using vegan leather by Stella McCartney and Stan Smith was incredibly successful, according to WWD. The pair unveiled a pair of vegan Stan Smiths Adidas that had fans going wild. This is what Smith said about Stella.

“She’s very creative and she was the one who brought up this unusual idea. While we’ve done previous collaborations, it’s the first time that I’ve ever done a shoe with somebody else completely involved. It’s totally vegan and totally amazing, so it’s a historic moment.”