‘The Voice’ Coaches Girl Power Bond, Team Up Against Blake Shelton, Adam Levine

It seems that two of coaches on The Voice are bonding over their shared experiences, and in a display of female power are leaving Blake Shelton and Adam Levine behind.

The 15th season of the NBC reality competition series will return with new dynamics, exciting performers, and a block button — which can prevent a coach from choosing an artist.

Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson are working together to score a big win this season for their respective teams. Clarkson scored a big win with 15-Year-Old Brynn Cartelli on her first season on the series. Hudson claimed victory in the UK version of the series. The two have also bonded over their shared reality competition roots. Both were featured on American Idol.

Clarkson was the first winner of the show’s iconic title, while Hudson competed on season three of the series, coming in seventh place.

In a new teaser for the season, as reported by Us Weekly, fans can see Hudson and Clarkson chumming up to one another.

“So glad to be a part of The Voice this season. One thing I had last season was I could say, ‘I’m from the reality singing competition world, I can help you out.’ Now, Jennifer’s [Hudson] here,” Clarkson remarked.


“To come from being a contestant and [snap], like that, I’m a coach and I get to help change people’s lives, nobody knows how life changing this really is,” Hudson stated.

She also quipped, “I’ve got Kelly sitting right next to me; Lord what is this girl gonna do?”

“I’ve got to know Jennifer a lot better and I love that girl,” said Levine.

During the teaser, the women tell each other they want to be on the other’s team.

“This is not a slumber party, it’s The Voice,” Shelton quipped.

“This season I would say the talent level is pretty crazy,” said Levine, whose has scored a winner on the series three times. “It’s a lot of great singers.”

“Adam has been here since day one. He makes the show so fun for me,” six-time winner Shelton noted.

The banter between the coaches continues, as Shelton tells a prospective team member, “I have won this six times…”

“Until last year,” Clarkson clapped back, “cause I won.”

Hudson will also have her chance to use her “block” button to try to stop a coach from getting a particular singer on their team, although she says in the trailer that the feature is “not fair.”

The Voice premieres on NBC Monday, September 24.

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