Dave Grohl To Appear On 50th Anniversary Season Of ‘Sesame Street’

Sesame Street has a number of big things planned to help celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary, and it was recently announced that Foo Fighters’ frontman and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Dave Grohl is going to help them celebrate. Sesame Street made the announcement on their official Twitter account over the weekend, although it had been previously rumored that he was going to be a part of the festivities. While Sesame Street is playing Grohl’s role on the show close to the vest, it has been confirmed he will sing on the show, as reported by AltPress.

Grohl definitely got some screen time with Elmo and Big Bird, and a few photos from the filming of his episode have trickled down to social media already. Grohl is a veteran of the world of children’s shows and music. He has danced on stage with The Wiggles and has done some significant work with The Muppets. He appeared in the 2015 ABC mockumentary style feature The Muppets, and the 2011 film The Muppets, as the fill-in drummer for the band The Moopets.

Grohl has not let any details slip regarding what song he sang for the episode, or even who he is doing the song with. Fans of Grohl and Sesame Street have been having some fun trying to guess the answers to those questions on Twitter and Instagram.

The 5oth anniversary season of Sesame Street is to begin on HBO in February of 2019 and end in December of 2019 according to Loudwire. HBO has been filming episodes for the upcoming season of Sesame Street for about two to three months according to several reports, with much of the anniversary season expected to be wrapped up by the time the first episode premiers. There is no word on when the Grohl episode will air, as filming was done on the basis of when guests were available rather than in the expected order of air-dates.

All indications from the social media posts from the crew of Sesame Street are that Grohl was great to work with according to Kerrang!, and that Grohl appeared to be enjoying himself as well. The overall theme of the season is visiting neighborhoods, which is why Grohl is seen holding up a map in some still photos. The idea is, the characters go to a different area of the country each episode to pay a visit to someone. Whether that is how they are working in meetings with some of the celebrity guests or not hasn’t been divulged yet.

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