Jinger Duggar Is So Done With Negative Comments About Baby Mittens

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Jinger Duggar sure knows how to deal with people who do nothing but criticize her parenting skills. She pulls the plug. That is exactly what she did on Sunday a few hours after posting a sweet photo of her baby daughter, Felicity Nicole Vuolo.

If you head on over to Jinger’s Instagram account, you will see the recent snap of her almost 2-month-old baby girl sound asleep in her bassinet. She is sweetly sleeping with her little hands up in a relaxed state. She is wearing another cute decorative headband and a pink summery outfit. You can also see that the comment section is clean as a whistle. That’s right, the new mom just shut off the comments for that particular post.

The only things that some people could see are the mittens on Felicity’s hands in the photo. The Duggar daughter has used baby mittens on Felicity ever since she was born in July. They are meant to keep infants from scratching themselves with their hands flinging all over the place. However, some people took to her timeline to comment on how it is time to stop with the mittens. They were basically mommy-shaming saying that the mittens should come off.

One person called the mitts stupid, saying that the babies won’t take their eyes out without them on. Another wondered why it is that babies can’t suck on their hands anymore. The comments just kept coming, and it looks like Jinger Duggar has had enough. Instead of trying to explain herself, which she doesn’t have to do, she has chosen to cut off the comments on her timeline.

This is not the only time that she has had to deal with this sort of thing. According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, Jinger also shut off the negativity surrounding an innocent picture of Felicity in her car seat last month. People stated that she was not fitted in the car seat correctly and also criticized the headband she was wearing. After a while, the comments were gone with the flick of the switch.

Unlike Jill Dillard, who has a tendency to ignore what is being said publicly on her social media posts, and Jessa Seewald, who sets people straight on her parenting by making her own snarky comments, Jinger just chooses to keep them from getting out of hand by deleting them. That pretty much takes care of it.

Jinger’s husband, Jeremy, had earlier posted the best photo of him and his daughter smiling at each other. A few comments came in on the mittens on that one as well, but they are still up. Duggar fans are always ready to shut down the ones who like to criticize them.