Prince Harry Reportedly Isn’t Rushing To Have A Baby With Meghan Markle, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Jeff Spicer / StringerGetty Images

Royals fans have been waiting impatiently for a baby announcement from newlyweds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. However, it looks like people will have to wait a bit longer, as a source has indicated that Harry is in no rush to have a baby. The couple has been very vocal about their excitement about starting a family, but for now, it sounds like Harry is happy for things to be the way they are. Here is what a source said, according to the Hollywood Life.

“Harry would love for them to have children together, but he really is in no hurry, and right now he’s loving having Meghan to himself. In an ideal world, Meghan would fall pregnant next year, but Harry feels under no pressure to start a family, and figures it will happen when it happens.”

And that’s understandable, considering the two have only been married since May. Plus, the royal couple has a busy fall schedule ahead as they embark on an Australian tour. So it also makes sense that they would want to settle into married life first, before heading into the next phase of their relationship.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Prince Harry is head-over-heels in love with Meghan, and that’s a great thing.

“The first few months of marriage have been even better than Harry imagined they could possibly be, and he falls more in love with Meghan with each and every day.”

They’ve had plenty to keep themselves busy, with various royal engagements and a hopefully relaxing summer vacation so far.

Meanwhile, the Markle family drama rages on. Just yesterday, half-sister Samantha sent a nasty birthday message to Harry, likening him to a hamster by posting a GIF. She put the message on her private Twitter page, as shared by The Sun. She’s since defended her actions. For example, this is what Samantha said in response to an article about her titled, “Meghan’s sister sends scathing birthday message to Prince Harry.”

“No because if you look at my words verbatim all I have ever saying is be nice to our father and don’t be coldhearted. Any of you would defend your father. Fact. And if I joke about something that’s life. Lighten up @KensingtonRoyal.”

Also, dad Thomas was featured in a Daily Mail article about his friend, Lori Davis. It detailed how Thomas has received death threats from Davis’ ex-boyfriend, and how he allegedly slashed Markle’s car tires. In the interview, Thomas said that he wasn’t going to give any more interviews this year, but hoped to shed light on the situation in order to help Davis, detailed the Inquisitr.