More Than 500 People Dressed As Spider-Man Flooded Stockholm Comic Con And Won A World Record

Inquisitr Staff

Holding a Guinness World Record is something that every little kid dreams about.

There's quite a few handfuls of "strange" Guinness World Records. Almost anything is eligible, as long as it can be quantified in some way. As expected, this has led people to put themselves down in history for the strangest things. There are entire books of strange world records, from largest body parts to most impressive feats.

Apparently, there was even a world record for most amount of Spider-Men in one place at one time -- and it has recently been broken. According to Comic Book, Marvel and Sony teamed up to gather an obscene amount of people in Spideys at the Stockholm Comic Con.

The attempt was made in honor of the new Marvel's Spider-Man game, which was released for PS4 a little over a week ago. Marvel's chief editor, C.B. Cebulski, set the event into action, sending out a tweet early Sunday morning in order to advertise the Spidey-Fest.

Hours later, another photo was posted, showing a room full of identical masked superheroes. Marvel and Sony succeeded in gathering nearly 550 Spider-Men in one place, setting a new world record -- and probably breaking some fire hazard rules in the process.

Dan Ryckert and Jeff Cork played the Mario and Grand Theft Auto series for a solid 50 hours, which is impressive when you consider that they had to manage this feat without sleeping.

In fact, there are so many impressive gamer feats that Guinness made an entire World Record book focusing on gaming world records. This book includes record holders like Brett Martin, who owns over 8,000 pieces of video-game merchandise, and Will "BigTymer" Johnson, who has earned a spot as the highest-earning Call of Duty player.

There's even a special record for John Bates, now 90 years old. Bates has gotten perfect scores on over 14,000 Wii Sports Bowling games, making him the world's oldest gaming record holder. We did the math, and that's 165 bowling games for every year of his life, and 2,000 games per year since the release of the Nintendo Wii.

While video games might seem easy, getting a world record in them is a much harder feat. Kudos to all those Spideys.