Lisa Vanderpump Celebrates Best Birthday Ever

Lisa Vanderpump, though she may seem timeless and ageless, celebrated her 58th birthday this Saturday, and this year, she proclaimed it -- via Twitter -- to be "the best birthday" ever! In typical Vanderpump humor, she added, "Now if you could just make me 20 years younger today oh & 10lbs lighter!"

There were many elements that made her birthday the best one yet. One element was her presents: her daughter, Pandora, and her husband, Ken, conspired together to fly Vanderpump's nephews, her brother's sons, out to Beverly Hills to celebrate the day. Vanderpump posted a cute photo of herself, flanked by her nephews, her daughter, son-in-law, and her husband, looking ecstatic, to Instagram. While Vanderpump held a dog in her lap, one nephew held a dog in his lap as well, and the second nephew had a dog on his shoulder, held there by Ken.

"The best birthday present ever, my brother's sons flying in to surprise me.. thank you & Ken!! Love them so much" Lisa captioned the photo. The usually reserved Housewives star even included a heart eye emoji in her caption.

Another element making her birthday the best ever was the decor, specifically the flowers. As any fan of the show can attest, this is always the most important element to Vanderpump. She is known for her love of flowers, often using flora she grows and arranges herself in displays in her home and restaurants. Every event she throws is often filled with luxurious and artfully arranged flowers.

She took to Instagram again to share the beautiful flower arrangements she was surprised with for her birthday dinner at her home. Vanderpump's favorite color is pink, and the dozens of bouquets adorning her party were filled with blooms in different pastel shades of pink, white, and lavender. There were so many table bouquets that guests had undoubtedly had a hard time seeing each other across the table.

The final element that made her birthday such a great one? The passing of House Resolution 401.

"...the resolution we have been working on for years urging all nations to outlaw the dog and cat meat trade, passed on the House floor!! It has been a long journey but we never gave up!" Vanderpump wrote on Wednesday, after the Resolution's passing. "I am inspired now more than ever to keep moving forward in the fight to end the dog and cat meat trade.... Let us continue our fight to do all that we can to protect our beloved companions."

Vanderpump has been a tireless proponent of the resolution and has done much philanthropic work towards bettering the lives of animals, even opening her own animal shelter. The resolution's passing owes much to Vanderpump's support. She even received a shout out from Representatives Buchanan and Hastings while they were out on the floor, directly after the resolution's passing.

Altogether, it ended in Vanderpump celebrating the best birthday ever.