Bella B Harris Rejects Rumors About A Recent Dinner Date With Drake

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The internet with abuzz with reports that Drake was spotted having a dinner date with 18-year-old model Bella B Harris recently. This came shortly after Heidi Klum revealed that she had ignored texts from Drake, because she was already happy in a new relationship. However, Bella took to Instagram to clarify the following.

“Coming off an amazing New York fashion week, I feel I need to set the record straight… I did not dine in DC recently. I was happily working & dining in NYC everyday.”

Sources said that they spotted the couple at an Italian restaurant in Washington, D.C., and supposedly entered through different entrances to try to be more stealthy, according to Cosmopolitan. Many people likened the relationship to Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s, since the former started dating a much-younger woman soon after he broke up with Kourtney Kardashian.

This information ought to make plenty of people relieved, as the Inquisitr detailed how there would be many angry people if the two really were dating. This included Bella’s dad, Jimmy Jam, along with Drake’s ex-Rihanna. Rihanna allegedly thinks Bella would be way too young for him. Plus, she would supposedly be jealous of Bella if the relationship was real. This would be a strange twist of fate considering Harris has declared the singer to be one of her heroes.

The photo that Bella used for her message about Drake was a blurry selfie, where she wore a low-cut tank and tons of makeup. Fans went back and forth about her age, and whether she ought to date Drake even if she had the chance. The conversation became pretty heated at some points, as some people complained that although she’s 18-years-old, that she’s way too young for Drake.

People often fixate on celebrity relationships with huge age differences, but it happens all the time. For example, Heidi Klum has had to defend her relationship with Tom Kaulitz, who is 17 years younger than her. But in the end, the discussion usually stops when people point out that it’s nobody’s business.

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no place I’d rather be ????

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The dating rumors all started because Bella posted a photo of herself with Drake on August 24. She captioned it, “no place I’d rather be [blue heart emoji].” Bella had her arms around Drake, and the two looked pretty cozy together. So it’s no wonder that people thought they were dating. Some fans thought that Bella only posted the photo to liven up her Instagram feed, while others pointed out that she never said the two were an item.