Kristinia DeBarge Dons Pink Lingerie On Instagram, Says ‘If You Got It, Flaunt It’

Earl Gibson III / StringerGetty Images

Growing Up Hip Hop’s Kristinia DeBarge donned some pink lingerie in a recent Instagram photo, captioning it “If you got it.. flaunt it [heart emojis].” In the photo, she wore some salmon-pink lingerie, a cross necklace, and some earrings. Kristinia also wore some dark eye-makeup, as well as some blush and pink lipstick. She wore her hair in a side part, as she let the curls hang out on her right side, and tucked her hair behind her left ear. Fans gave her tons of love.

“You are absolutely gorgeous! And I love ur personality and how u handle haters on Growing up hip hop. Looking forward to the New season,” one commented. Another complimented her saying, “Maxim top 100 for sure!”

Kristinia released a new single, “Hangover,” on July 31. However, it hasn’t received much press. A short preview on Amazon reveals an upbeat and pop-leaning song. In June, the singer released a video on YouTube of herself doing a hardcore workout routine with the song in the background. She lifted weights, worked with dumbbells, and more as she showed off her strength. Kristinia wore a series of cute workout clothes, including some sports bras and colorful tights.

In 2017, DeBarge released “Pink Love,” during which time she discussed how she was heading in a new direction with her music.

“I’m going in a sexier and fun direction now. My sound is more mature. It’s a song about being a lover and carefree. I’m excited to show my fans this side of myself. It is who I am.”

She broke into the world of music at 14-years-old on American Juniors, which was a kids’ spin-off of American Idol, according to Parle Magazine. She went on to release her first album, Exposed, which eventually peaked at No. 23 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Her hit “Goodbye” sold over 2 million copies.

But things haven’t been always easy for Kristinia, who admits that she was bullied growing up.

“I remember crying a lot when going through that. People need to remember that everyone is not as strong. Everyone cannot handle that type of treatment. That person is a human being and has feelings, emotions. It’s sad because young people have even taken their own lives because of bullying. Bullying actually comes in many different forms.”

The singer has also grown her fan base since appearing on Growing Up Hip Hop. She’s been a regular cast member on the show since 2016.