Former ‘Y&R’ Co-Stars Abhi Sinha And Daniel Hall Show Off Bromance, And Fans Have Questions

Former The Young and the Restless co-stars Abhi Sinha (Ravi) and Daniel Hall (Scott) showed off their beautiful bromance on social media, and fans are loving it.

Recently, Sinha took to Instagram to share a beautiful photo of himself and Hall starring into each other’s eyes with his fans. Along with the fun picture, he also gave his followers some fabulous advice.

“Find someone that looks at you the way Daniel Hall looks at me looking at him @theoriginaldanielhall,” Sinha captioned the post.

From the look of their shot, they certainly enjoy each other even though they’re no longer acting together on Y&R.

Hall left the show earlier this year when Scott was written out of the storyline after he and Sharon (Sharon Case) broke up due to his relationship with Abby (Melissa Ordway). As for Sinha, fans continuously ask, “where’s Ravi?” While the actor is still listed as recurring, the handsome IT guy hasn’t been included in the storyline for the last several months.

Both actors took the time to respond on the comments on the cute bromance post. Shortly after Sinha posted the image, Hall commented, “Love you @abhidabi!” He finished the sentiment with a smiley emoji.

At one point, the Ravi actor insisted that he’s taller than Hall despite how things look in the picture, but that proclamation is questionable at best. Sinha wrote, “okay but I’m taller despite what this pic says.” Throughout the post, it appeared he gave a shoutout and thanks to almost everybody in some form.

Sinha joined the Y&R cast in 2016, and he soon became a fan favorite. Avid soap opera devotees also ended up appreciating Hall, who began portraying Scott Grainger in 2017. Now that they shared the sweet photo on social media, fans have plenty to say, and many people who watch the show want them both woven back into the fabric of Genoa City.

Commenters questions ranged from “So why aren’t they are the Y&R anymore?” to “Come back on Y&R you both are greatly missed!” One comment even praised their good looks and acting ability.

“Handsome dudes…natural good looks and talent, too? Yep!”

According to both men’s Instagram posts, they appear to love animals. Hall posted a cute picture of himself with his cat back in August for International Cat Day.

Meanwhile, Sinha shared some terrible news about his dog, Boba Fett, passing away this summer. The actor also has dogs Max, Rooney, and Bella, who currently live with his family, and they feature heavily on Sinah’s social media.

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I want to thank everyone for the words about Boba Fett. The comments and messages we’ve received have touched our souls. Boba Fett was like a son to me. And I know I’m not the first parent to ever lose a child, nor will I be the last - but the duality of loving something so intensely only to lose it so unexpectedly has left a hole in my heart and I’m not sure how I’ll ever recover. And maybe that’s the whole point? Maybe I spent too much time being uncomfortable with not being okay, that it has added to the pain. But I’ve spent a lot of time recently reminding myself that it’s okay to not be okay. Life is out of our control and once we come to this realization, we can accept it. We can respond to it. We can do better. THAT is what we have control over. “Grief is part of humanity. Grief is proof of humanity. Anyone out there who is dealing with grief or loss- meet yourself where YOU are. Give voice to your feelings. THIS can be how you grieve. Do not bury your heart, instead keep it on the outside and look to other people. Because humanity can lift us.”

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The Inquisitr‘s The Young and the Restless spoilers show plenty of new faces coming to Genoa City, but so far there’s no word on Ravi or Scott returning to GC any time in the near future.