Kendall Long Shares Adorable Pic With Grocery Store Joe, As Fans Can’t Get Enough Of The Cute Couple

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Bachelor in Paradise’s Kendall Long and Grocery Store Joe have quickly become a fan-favorite couple since the end of the show. It’s probably because they’re so cute together, and Kendall isn’t shy about sharing all of her favorite moments with her new boyfriend. In her latest Instagram post, she and Joe made faces at the camera as she captioned it “Always better to laugh with someone you love.” Long sported some cool striped jeans and a black top, while Joe wore a brown shirt and some dark denim. He puffed his mouth and tugged at his ears, while Kendall stuck out her tongue.

“Please let this be real. You both seem like more than the show. Like actual real humans. I hope it’s legit,” one fan pleaded. Tons of people let them know that they’re super cute, while others say it was “Meant to be!”

Kendall’s been pretty open about her love for Joe on her Instagram, and even penned this sweet message.

“Wowza, what a crazy adventure! Love is an odd yet wonderful mess that makes those effected do quite strange things but through it all I would do it again and again and again if it meant waking up next to this odd-ball of a human every morning. I love you mucho Joe! And am excited to be challenged by you through every step of this experience we call life.”

Their apparently strong relationship status came as a huge relief for supporters after Kendall and Joe left Paradise separately.

It’s hard to know for sure what the actual reunion looked like, but it sure sounded like something out of a rom-com. Kendall reportedly boarded a plane to Chicago and confessed to Joe that she really did love him.

“The reason why I had fear and the reason why I was holding myself back so much is because I am in love with you,” she reportedly told Joe.

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The happy ending is one that Bachelor Nation can feel glad about, considering there’s tons of negative drama surrounding another former fan-favorite couple, Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball.

Some serious cheating allegations surfaced against Jenna, leading Jordan to break up with her. Since then, Kimball’s given some interviews, and Jenna has vowed to clear her name.

But besides those four, Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone also appear to be doing very well, as the former is filling up her Instagram with lovey-dovey photos of her and her new fiance.