Fans Want Jordan Kimball To Be The Next 'Bachelor' Instead Of Colton Underwood, But Will Producers Listen?

After the shocking cheating allegations against Jenna Cooper came to light, Bachelor Nation has been asking for a shake-up in the newest season of the Bachelor. While Colton Underwood has already been named as the newest Bachelor, fans want to see Jordan Kimball in his place. It's hard to know for sure if there's enough traction by fans to actually force a change, but as Newsweek reported, it's happened before.

The season of Bachelor in Paradise started with a focus on Colton Underwood and Tia Booth's potential relationship. However, Colton was caught up and heartbroken from Becca Kufrin's season of the Bachelorette, and he didn't beeline for Tia when he arrived in Paradise. This confused everyone there. And although he and Tia tried to work things out, it wasn't meant to last. Underwood is notorious for his virginity, which is rumored to be a big factor in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, Jordan Kimball fell head-over-heels in love for Jenna Cooper the moment she arrived. And although it seemed like the pair were just getting started on their life together with a televised engagement, Reality Steve dropped the bombshell that Jenna could be two-timing Jordan.

Since then, Jordan has broken up with Jenna, as many people have been led to believe that the cheating allegations are true. And thanks to the new drama, fans want to see Jordan find his true love, more than they want to see Colton pursue his next relationship.

Many fans point out that Jordan deserves this chance.

"Honestly, I'm all for @jordan__kimball being the next bachelor. Sorry @colton you still deserve love, but this is worse than Aries breakup," one fans posted. And indeed, Arie breaking up with Becca caused quite the stir, but all ended well for Kufrin as she became the Bachelorette and pursued some new love interests.

Other fans think that Jordan is a more interesting person overall.
"They really did mess this up. Jordan is the perfect bachelor for our time. Funny, well spoken, somewhat successful, good looking, confident, NOT BORING, bold with his style choices and above all super genuine"
And while it might be hard for Colton to hear these comments, others echoed the sentiment.
"I know Jordan just got his heartbroken and needs time to heal, but I'd rather seen Jordan as Bachelor 2019 then us being stuck with Colton."
Whether producers will respond to the fans' wishes is yet to be seen. In 2016, the announced Bachelorette, Caila Quinn, was recast when fans weren't happy about the choice. JoJo Fletcher ended up taking her place.

There's still time for a switch to happen, as Bustle reported just 11 days ago that filming would start in "a few weeks."