‘Married At First Sight’ Divorce Ahead: Mia Bally, Tristan Thompson Call It Quits Before Season 7 Finale Airs

Reports are emerging indicating that one couple from this season of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight is officially calling it quits. Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson faced some significant challenges almost immediately in their MAFS marriage — and it looks like they just couldn’t overcome them.

People shares the news that Mia Bally has moved forward on divorcing husband Tristan Thompson, even though their season of Married at First Sight hasn’t finished airing yet. Usually, this kind of move would be kept under the radar as much as possible until the season finale airs. In this case, that hasn’t happened.

It seems that Bally officially filed for divorce on September 4 in Dallas County, Texas. While neither Tristan nor Mia are splashing the details of this around publicly, there do seem to be hints on her Twitter page that things haven’t worked out.

In timing that seems rather bizarre, on September 5 Mia posted a photo to Twitter showing something she’d made that referred to her relationship with Tristan. According to reports, this was posted the day after she filed for divorce — but she doesn’t allude to that at all.

Bally’s more recent tweets, however, seem to reflect some difficult times. She retweeted a post about how oftentimes people live their lives trying to please and be accepted by others, and Mia added “Accurate.” as a note to the original Twitter posting.

The Married at First Sight star also took to Twitter to share that she was sending love to anybody trying to heal from things that they weren’t talking about, noting that she gets it. The MAFS gal has also pinned a tweet that said it’s okay not to be okay. Mia doesn’t reference the divorce filing in any of these tweets, but she has received some comments from others mentioning it.

Chances are that most Married at First Sight fans won’t be terribly surprised to hear that Tristan and Mia have split. What might be somewhat shocking, however, is that it’s Bally who filed for divorce rather than Thompson. The couple has faced intense challenges throughout Season 7, and while in recent episodes they’ve seemed committed to trying to work through everything, the odds did seem stacked against them.

Details regarding Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally’s split will likely be shared at some point down the road via an upcoming episode of the show. Fans remain hopeful that the other two Season 7 couples can still make their marriages work, and there’s still a lot of activity ahead before the finale airs in a few weeks.

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