Mason Grammer Opens Up About What Life Is Like With A Real Housewife For A Mom

There is a lot of pressure on a teen growing up in Beverly Hills. Now, imagine that your mom is a former model. Then, imagine that your mom is a reality star, and then not only a reality star, but a star of one of the world's biggest reality TV franchises, The Real Housewives. On top of that, imagine that your dad is an actor --but not just any actor -- a huge film, TV, and stage star, who's been the leading man for films, on Broadway, and even his own TV show.

Welcome to a day in the life of Mason Grammer, daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer and actor Kelsey Grammer. The latter has won five Primetime Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and one Tony Award.

Though only 16, Mason has recently started to join her celebrity parents in the spotlight, having begun a successful modeling career. She opened up about what growing up with celebrity parents was like -- and how it affected her -- to Bravo.

"It's awesome and annoying at the same time," Mason explained, while talking about her life with her parents. "It's really cool cause we get other perks that a lot of people don't and amazing experiences that are just great to be able to experience. But, also, it's annoying, say, when my parents get asked to take pictures a lot and they'll ask me to take the picture -- which is real fun. Or, just, paparazzi -- that's annoying too when they just come up to you in your business. It's just not fun. You just got to deal with it."

While her parents have been divorced since 2011 -- with proceedings beginning while Camille's first season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was airing -- Mason Grammer recalls how their fame made the situation all the more difficult. These difficulties arose primarily due to how young she was, and how much of her family's drama was making the news. Mason also brought up how aggressive the paparazzi were at that time, how they went so far as to attend soccer games at her neighborhood high school -- before she was even in high school -- hoping to catch a snap of her.

Even though she currently has a blossoming career as a model, and despite some of the harrowing experiences her family's fame has brought upon her, she intends to join the industry herself, in a slightly different role. Mason Grammer plans to a cut a new path apart from the one walked by her celebrity parents -- going to college for film and becoming a director.