‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: The Week 12 Head Of Household Is Revealed, The Nominations Seem Determined

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Thursday night was a big one in the Big Brother 20 house as both Haleigh and Brett were sent packing in a double eviction. Viewers were left hanging when it came to the Week 12 Head of Household competition, but BB20 spoilers via the live feeds revealed the outcome late Thursday night.

As Big Brother Network details, Angela won the HOH competition. This is the third time she has won, and it means that there are no surprises ahead when it comes to the nominations. It should be made official later Friday, but JC and Sam will be going on the block. So far, the plans have been for Sam to be the next houseguest evicted, but it’s possible that things will shift prior to Wednesday’s special eviction.

The houseguests chatted in various combinations after the HOH competition and JC was stunned and scrambling after Brett’s surprising eviction. Big Brother Daily details that JC and Tyler had some extensive and sometimes intense conversations as the night wore on, with JC accusing Tyler of just being jealous of Brett at one point.

JC insisted that he should have been told about the blindside plan and tried to say that he hadn’t been talking gameplay with Brett at all. Tyler said that Brett had filled him in on the conversations he’d been having with JC, but JC kept scrambling and angling to ensure he would stay safe in the upcoming eviction.

Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee connected to reaffirm that Sam is the target for the next eviction and Big Brother spoilers detail that they are all in agreement. Many fans would say it seems unlikely that either JC or Sam would win the Power of Veto competition destined to take place on Saturday. However, if one of them does, then Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela will just target the other nominee and know they have the votes to keep the three of them safe.

Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler are sitting pretty right now, as they know the three of them are guaranteed to make it to the final four now. They could face trouble if the person who remains in the house after Wednesday’s eviction was to win Head of Household, but they don’t seem too worried at this point.

How will things go down when and if it’s just the three of them left in the game? Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 20 spoilers as the next few days play out to see how things are shaking out in the BB20 house.