Kendrick Lamar Gives Touching Tribute To Mac Miller

On Wednesday, several artists paid tribute to the late Mac Miller, and it was very touching to see how many lives the rapper had touched in his short lifetime. The tributes were all part of Complex’s Late Night with Peter Rosenberg.

Kendrick Lamar reminisced about the departed rapper’s amazing sense of humor in the clip, Rolling Stone reported.

“He was just so quick and just so clever and it just made my day,” Lamar said about Miller. “And all in all that’s the type of person he was — just a good dude. Always made you feel good, just a great energy to have around.”

Lamar also admired Miller’s dedication to his music, creating, and producing.

“He’d pull up to the studio, give honest opinions. I’d play some music, he’d say, ‘I like that. You should do something right here.’ Just whatever, man, and he was just true and selfless about it. Great musician. Great writer.”

Lamar and Miller could have been rivals, but instead, they were friends. Lamar went on to say that it was impossible to be angry around Miller, because he would smile and offer positive energy, and you would have to smile back. He ended on a somber note, saying he would of course miss that smile and his friend.

Rapper Macklemore also shared a fond memory of Miller. He visited Miller once while Mac was filming a reality show for MTV, Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family. Macklemore recalls that the environment was chaotic, noisy, and perhaps even stressful. He noted that Miller was at ease, switching gears, creating, and more, all within that environment. Macklemore said it was a testament to Miller’s focus that he could continue to create, and create well, in such a busy place.

Macklemore said he was inspired by Miller’s work as an artist, saying that the artistry in his work spoke of his dedication to the craft of music.

Miller had long struggled with addiction before succumbing to a suspected overdose on September 7, 2018. The rapper had admitted to using a combination of promethazine and codeine, aka “lean,” in the past. An autopsy for Miller is pending, but it is believed he passed away from a lethal overdose, as authorities were called to his location to assist. He was unable to be revived after an ambulance was called, and it is believed he was dead before the first responders had arrived.

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