‘Bachelor In Paradise’s’ Kamil Nicalek Not Ruling Out Dating Annaliese Puccini In The Future After TV Breakup

Paul HebertABC

Bachelor in Paradise star Kamil Nicalek says it’s all good between him and Annaliese Puccini just two weeks after he broke her heart during the taping of the reunion episode.

In what was one of the most brutal breakups ever on the ABC dating show, Nicalek unexpectedly ended his relationship with Puccini during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion taping on Aug. 28. Fans saw the cringe-worthy playback on ABC on Monday night, but Nicalek told Us Weekly he has now patched things up with the 32-year-old event planner and they are in a good place.

Nicalek, a 30-year-old fitness model, admitted that he may not have handled things properly when he dumped Puccini in front of all of their former cast mates and a packed studio audience, admitting the reunion show platform “wasn’t the right place to have a breakup, but there’s no right place to have a breakup.”

“I couldn’t really fake what I was feeling at the time,” Nicalek said. “I couldn’t really not be true to myself and not true to her. I had to do what I had to do. I’m a man. I take full responsibility.”

While the sudden breakup was hard to watch, Nicalek says he is still “great, amazing friends” and that he and Puccini are still in communication despite their long distance.

“We were there for each other, supporting each other along the way. I think we left as a broken couple, but in real life we’re still best friends. We talk all the time.”

The same night as the reunion taping, Nicalek hung out with Puccini and some of her West Coast girlfriends and they even spent a “fun” day together the next day going hiking and out for tacos. But in a more stunning revelation, Nicalek didn’t rule out the possibility of getting back together with Annaliese Puccini sometime in the future.

“We’re trying the real world thing out now ’cause we didn’t really have that much time [together] after the show. You never know. I mean, she’s a great person, she has a good soul and she would make a good wife one day.”

Kamil Nicalek broke up with Annette Puccini in front of ABC’s cameras moments after she said they were in “a good spot” in their relationship. The stunned audience went silent as the Polish fitness model told his Paradise girlfriend that he wasn’t right for her.

Nicalek later explained his decision on Twitter, reiterating that his feelings for Annaliese were real but that he was “very confused by the speed that feelings and commitments take place in this setting.”

Kamil added that he and Annaliese are still “are committed to one another through mutual respect and friendship.”

“I hope she finds someone that is right for her, and I wish the same for me,” he wrote.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC.