Natalie Wood’s Sister Claims Robert Wagner Kicked Their Mother Out Of Her House Following Mysterious Drowning

Robert BarrattGetty Images

The podcast, Fatal Voyage, delves into the mysterious death of actress Natalie Wood and the questions that are still being asked about her final hours. Her sister, Lana Wood, has always questioned whether or not Natalie’s husband, Robert Wagner, was involved in her death — and if he and Natalie had physically fought before she went overboard.

Lana Wood said that Wagner’s treatment of Natalie’s mother after her death seemed very suspicious.

RadarOnline reports that, according to Lana Wood, Wagner kicked Wood’s mother Maria out of her home.

“R.J. threw her out of the [home] that Natalie had given her because he wanted it for [his daughter] Katie and he said she didn’t need that big of a place.”

She says that Wagner then tied the money he would give Marie monthly to the work that she would do for his fan club.

“My mom was given a monthly salary of $2,000 to answer R.J.’s fan mail so she used to sit with all these photos and write R.J.’s name, do the envelope.

Lana Wood says she believes that Wagner’s mother-in-law would have been treated better after her child died in such a manner.

Lana Wood explains that her mother took care of all of Wagner’s photo requests.

“She was given the photos, she was given the envelope and and she was given the stamps and she would sit and write his name, to, and, love Robert Wagner, put them in an envelope, seal them up and we would have to take all those things to the post office and mail them.”

Lana Wood says that when she started asking questions about her sister’s death, Wagner pulled away — making her question the actor’s behavior even more. Natalie Wood died in 1981, but the case has recently been reopened because there are still so many questions about exactly what went on the night she died. Only the captain, Wagner, Wood, and Christopher Walken were aboard Wood’s yacht, the Splendour.

Lana Wood has tried on numerous occasions to try to get answers out of Wagner, even confronting him at a public speaking engagement and asking him what happened to Natalie while wearing a hidden microphone, according to the Inquisitr. Wood asked Wagner why he wouldn’t answer the questions the police wanted to ask him. Wagner was very annoyed by the suggestion that he had harmed his wife.

“Lana, why would you even bring up anything like that? I have talked to everybody. You’ve accused me! You accused me of murdering her!”

It was at Lana Wood’s urging that the Los Angeles District Attorney finally agreed to reopen the case.

“Is there something I don’t understand? Why, year after year is this man [Wagner] allowed his lies, allowed to move out of the state, allowed to refuse to meet and speak to the detectives continually! Ask yourself if an innocent man who has lost his wife is usually this reticent.”