Kendall Jenner’s Nude Beach Pictures Leave Model Feeling ‘Violated & Angry’

Kendall Jenner feels “violated and angry” after nude beach photos of the Kardashian half-sister leaked on the internet, Hollywood Life is reporting.

As you may have heard, nude photos of the 22-year-old were leaked online this week and quickly went viral. As reported by the Inquisitr, photographer Russell James snapped a variety of photos of the young woman, including shots of her riding a horse while fully nude, climbing a tree, lounging by the pool, and enjoying the beach. The photos were intended to be a part of his upcoming book, Angels.

Somehow the photos were leaked and posted online with James claiming the photos were stolen.

An anonymous source close to Kendall admits that she posed nude for the photos, but that she never consented to have them released publicly – at least, not yet.

“She worked hard on the photos with the photographer and it took her a lot of courage to pose nude. So, she is furious that the pics may have been stolen or released without permission.”

Of course, for Kendall, there’s an even bigger problem than having nude photos of her leaked: it’s the body-shamers who not only viewed stolen nude photos, but felt the need to comment negatively on her body.

Most, according to USA Today, were concerned with her weight. But it wasn’t fat-shamers, it was skinny-shamers.

“See Kendall Jenner trending so I clicked it & I really wish I hadn’t.. she’s so skinny, sis needs to eat.”

“Kendall Jenner built like a boy who think he a girl but was born as a boy.”

Others, however, were more supportive.

“People are literally body shaming Kendall Jenner for being “too skinny” but bashing her sisters for getting surgery. You people are stupid and confused.”

“The body shaming/hate on Kendall Jenner rn is so hypocritical.”

Kendall, for her part, is doing her best to ignore the “trolls” and move on with her life, sources say.

“Her mom and sisters taught her a long time ago how to unplug from social media and to ignore the critics. Kendall does her best to follow their advice and to rise above it all.”

Kendall Jenner is, of course, far from the only celebrity body-shamed on social media. And as Allure reports, some have chosen to fight back rather than do like Kendall and simply ignore it. Tyra Banks, for example, told haters to “Kiss my fat a**!”

As of this writing, neither Kendall Jenner nor Russell James has publicly responded to the nude photo leaks.