Meghan Markle’s Best Friend, Jessica Mulroney, Shares Honest Mom Moment While Wearing A Chic Outfit

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s good friend, Jessica Mulroney, shared an honest mom moment with her fans on Instagram. In the photo, she’s seen hanging out on her bed in a chic outfit, including a polka-dot dress with sheer arms and a trendy webbed pair of heels. Her two sons are also facing the camera, and look a little mischievous. Jessica captioned the picture, “Got dressed to go to an event, but decided this was way more my scene.” People commended her decision, praising her for being a good mom. Others couldn’t get enough of her amazing shoes, which are definitely a show-stopper.

The Canadian fashion stylist of course exudes class and elegance. She recently shared another photo of herself wearing a stunning snakeskin suit with strong black accents on the jacket. She paired it with a small black tank that showcased her curves. Jessica made sure to infuse some color into the ensemble with some bright red lipstick, and slicked her hair back into what looks like a messy bun. One fan thanked Jessica for spotlighting Canadian designers that she hadn’t heard of before.

In the captions, Jessica discussed her styling Shania Twain with clothing from a Canadian designer, which was also highlighted by InStyle Magazine. The event that Jessica styled Shania for was the Canadian Country Music Awards. It was a great night for the singer, who won four major awards, making her the most winning artist of the night.

It didn’t hurt that Shania also looked completely chic and on-point. She wore several different outfits throughout the night. One of the most memorable was a totally sequined pink dress with silver accents, which she gushed about.

“I haven’t done a red carpet in a few years so I wanted something really fun and bright… It was also incredibly comfortable and it just felt really special.”

Twain also wore an incredible red gown with giant sleeves, as well as a blue velvet v-neck dress with a blue belt. This is what Jessica said about working with the singer.

“I wanted to see jaws drop. And honestly, we can say: mission accomplished. It was an updated, confident, glamorous, and iconic Shania. She radiated style and beauty, not only because of the clothes, but because she truly loves the stage, her fans and celebrating country music.”

Mulroney also complimented Shania for her character, and for being such a trailblazer. All in all, it was a successful collaboration for an even more successful night.