Matt Damon Had ‘No Idea’ Ben Affleck’s Drinking Problem Had Escalated, Wants To Help Him Out

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been friends for decades. And luckily for Ben, Matt is a good friend that wants to help him out as he battles his latest round of alcohol addiction problems. It turns out that although the two have been friends for a long time, Matt didn’t know that things had gotten so bad for his long-time friend. A source elaborated, according to ET Online.

“Matt and Ben have always remained close friends in life, but when Ben relapsed, it was a surprise to Matt… Matt had no idea how serious Ben’s problem had become.”

But now that Matt’s aware of Ben’s problems, he’s ready to help in any way that he can.

“Matt wants to be a good influence on Ben… Ben’s team, his closest friends and family truly support their friendship. They want them to hang out more, which in turn could help keep him away from the crowd that doesn’t support his sober lifestyle.”

That’s only good news for Ben, plus Jennifer Garner is reportedly glad to hear it too. She of course wants the best for Ben also, and was notably the one to swoop him up and take him to rehab in late August.

And as proof of Matt’s goodwill, he stopped drinking with Ben a long time ago when he realized that his friend had a substance abuse problem.

“Matt stopped drinking with Ben because in no way does he want to support another downward spiral. Matt is a very loyal, stable and grounded friend who only wants success and happiness for Ben.”

The two actors became good friends while filming Good Will Hunting. Prior to that, it’s rumored that they met at Boston’s Cambridge Ringe and Latin school and moved to Los Angeles together to pursue acting, detailed E! News. The two own a production company together too.

And through all of the ups and downs that Ben has gone through, from way back when he dated Jennifer Lopez, Matt has been a steady rock. He even spoke out and said that “There’s nobody more misunderstood.”

There was a time though in 2004 that the two seemed to have a minor falling out, when Damon said that people shouldn’t “just do blockbusters.” In response, Ben said on SNL that “I can’t seem to recall which Chekov play The Bourne Supremacy is based on.”

But with all that aside, the two remain good friends, and Ben probably needs Matt’s support now more than ever. But if Ben’s brother Casey is right, Ben’s apparently doing well in rehab so far.

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