Meghan Markle Caught Letting Her Puppy Do Its Business On Palace Grounds

Geoff Pugh Getty Images

While Meghan Markle may have to adhere to a certain code of conduct now that she has assumed the title of Duchess of Sussex and has become a member of the Royal Family — her dog is still a dog and Meghan still has to deal with the responsibilities that come with being its master. That includes taking the puppy out and letting it handle its business, even if that means it has to be done on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, according to reports from TMZ.

Markle was caught in the midst of her dog-mum duties by entertainment reporter Lisa Petrillo. Petrillo — who works for CBS Miami — tweeted out a photo on Wednesday, describing herself as being outside the entrance of the private residence of Buckingham Palace, where Markle lives with Prince Harry. In the photo tweeted by Petrillo, Meghan Markle is clearly visible, dressed casually as she let her dog handle its business.

Petrillo describes Markle by writing that she “couldn’t be sweeter,” and while it isn’t clear whether Petrillo actually approached the Duchess, Petrillo definitely made sure to let all of her followers know that Markle did indeed clean up after her dog. Petrillo attached the hashtag #princessespickuppooptoo to the end of her tweet.

While at first glance the photo is a funny look into the private lives of the royal family, it does reveal that the Buckingham Palace grounds aren’t too sacred to be employed by an industrious puppy. While Buckingham Palace has both public and private areas of the grounds, it does seem pretty clear that Markle was in a private area — so tourists need not worry about watching their step on their next tour.

This assumption raises another question — how did Petrillo get so close to Markle? Petrillo never makes the particular location clear, though speculation might suggest that Markle had managed to ditch her security for a brief period of time to take care of her dog’s biological needs.

Perhaps the most pressing question is whether the pictured pup is even Markle’s dog. Markle has quite regularly put her Beagle, Guy, in front of the camera prior to assuming her role as royalty. The dog in question here bears little resemblance to Guy, however.

Recent reports relay that Markle and Prince Harry have purchased a dog together, elaborating that the newest member of the pack is a Labrador Retriever. The dog in the photo does not appear to be of that breed, either. Perhaps Markle was just dog-sitting for one of her friends or relatives — but something doesn’t seem to be adding up when it comes to ownership of the dog in this story that is sure to go viral.