Kendall Long, Grocery Store Joe Take To Social Media Now That Their ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Reunion Is Public

What's the latest from Joe Amabile and Kendall Long from 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

Paul Hebert / ABC

What's the latest from Joe Amabile and Kendall Long from 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

Grocery Store Joe Amabile and Kendall Long connected early on in Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, but she dumped him when things got too serious toward the end of filming. During Tuesday night’s reunion show, Joe and Kendall shared details about their reunion and now they’re posting fun updates on Instagram that their fans won’t want to miss.

Kendall Long has been open in admitting that she tends to be scared of commitment, and she regretted breaking up with Joe Amabile almost immediately after it happened. During the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise, viewers watched as she traveled from Los Angeles to Chicago to see if Joe would give her another chance. Luckily, he was open to it, and they’ve been happily dating ever since then.

It has now been confirmed that Grocery Store Joe will be on Season 27 of Dancing with the Stars this fall, and that puts him into Kendall’s orbit for as long as he sticks around on DWTS. The great news for this Bachelor in Paradise pair is that they’ll both be in Los Angeles for now.

Unfortunately, having one partner in a relationship doing DWTS early on in a romance has been tricky for past couples from the franchise. Fans will certainly be hoping that’s not the case for Kendall and Joe as well, and it may help that Long is already based in Los Angeles so she won’t be relying on Amabile to keep her entertained.

Amabile is already spending a lot of time in rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars. However, Joe and Kendall do appear to be spending a lot of quality time together as well. Once the update on their reunion aired during Tuesday’s Bachelor in Paradise, they both took to Instagram to share some cute photos that represent the quirky relationship they’ve built.

Joe posted a series of selfies on Instagram showing him with Kendall and he joked in a caption that he’d take the shots as his arms are longer. The photos highlight what Bachelor in Paradise fans love most about these two, which is how much they laugh together. He tagged these photos as having been from New York City, so it seems they may be from just this week as he appeared on Wednesday’s Good Morning America for the Dancing with the Stars cast reveal.

Kendall also shared a couple of selfies on Instagram highlighting her time with Joe, and it seems these were taken in Los Angeles. She went a little deeper in her caption than her Bachelor in Paradise beau did, however. Long said that it had been a crazy adventure and she’d do it again and again if it meant waking up next to Amabile every day. She said she loves him and is excited to be challenged by him going forward, and fans went crazy for this post.

Could this relationship be the real deal? There has already been a lot of buzz over the Season 5 Bachelor in Paradise relationships, given that both Kendall and Joe as well as Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt split before the finale and have since reunited. At the same time, explosive allegations about Jenna Cooper’s commitment to fiancé Jordan Kimball emerged as the finale played out, and he has now ended his relationship with her.

Bachelor in Paradise fans are excited to watch Grocery Store Joe Amabile on Dancing with the Stars this fall and they hope that this commitment doesn’t take away too much from his blossoming romance with Kendall Long. Stay tuned for updates on Joe and Kendall to see if they can become the next success story for the franchise.