Stormy Daniels To Release New Tell-All Book About Donald Trump, Says It Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

Tara ZiembaGetty Images

Stormy Daniels will write a tell-all book about her life as an adult performer, to include details of her alleged 2006 affair with Donald Trump and its aftermath, The Evening Standard is reporting. The adult-film actress promises that the book will “blow your mind.”

The book, tentatively entitled Full Disclosure, will likely not focus exclusively on Trump. Stormy (real name: Stephanie Marie Clifford) says that she’s been working on the book, which she calls an “autobiography,” for 10 years. She says she’s written extensively about her “adventures” on the road, working in strip clubs here and there.

“Everybody who knows me and has known me for a long time knows I’ve been working on a book for about 10 years.”

One such adventure occurred just a few weeks ago. As the Inquisitr reported at the time, Stormy was performing at an Ohio strip club when she was arrested for breaking an obscure law that forbids adult entertainers from touching persons who aren’t close relatives while performing. The charges against her were later dropped on a technicality. It’s not clear if that particular adventure will be discussed in her book.

Appearing on ABC’s The View on Wednesday, along with her attorney Michael Avenatti, Daniels said that, even though she’s been speaking pretty freely about her alleged affair for the past few months, there’s “a lot” still to tell, and that “everything” will be revealed when the book comes out in October.

Daniels freely admits that, without the salacious Donald Trump connection, her book might not have sold as well.

“It will probably sell better than my book would before.”

Meanwhile, Avenatti is of the belief that his client’s book is going to rattle the president.

“The president just puckered… It’s going to be a long three weeks before the book comes out for Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Avenatti wrote lovingly about his client, and expressed his hope that her book will help readers “learn who Stormy really is.”

Also while on The View, Daniels and Avenatti discussed the hush-money payment that she was paid by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. She says that once Cohen finally admitted publicly that he paid her off, she shed tears.

“I was so overwhelmed — I just broke down into sobs.”

Full Disclosure will be the latest damning book about Donald Trump to hit bookstore shelves in recent months. Already former White House staffer Omarosa Maginalult Newman has published Unhinged about the Trump administration, and former Watergate reporter Bob Woodward recently released Fear.

Full Disclosure will hit bookshelves on October 2.