Lebron James & Channing Tatum Raise $100,000 By Completing Outrageous Dares

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

There are plenty of different ways people raise money today, by how often do we get to see a legendary basketball player and a favorite actor do funny dares to raise money for a good cause? Enter Ellen DeGeneres.

The talk show host recently partnered with Walmart on her clothing line, and as such she has a good connection with them. Through this partnership, she decided to help LeBron James with his new I Promise school in Akron, reported the Akron Beacon Journal.

Walmart has a program called Associate Education, which helps facilitate employees wanting to further their education by getting a college degree by paying for their studies. Because of the incredible cause, they agreed to donate money to the I Promise school, with one tiny little condition: James would have to “earn” the money.

James was joined by Channing Tatum, who had agreed to help out if it would raise more money for the school. DeGeneres told them that they would have to complete dares for the money they wanted, with each completed dare earning them $10,000.

She started with James, telling him he needed to drink a shot of tequila without using his hands. Easy enough, but James was quick to confirm – apparently with a bit of a sting in his throat – that it was, in fact, tequila in the shot glass.

Then she dared Tatum to perform his “best sexy crawl,” whatever that might mean, but the actor gave it his best shot before he started to laugh halfway across the floor. Despite the giggle fit, DeGeneres awarded him his $10,000 dues.

The dares started to take a turn there, with James next being ordered to be blindfolded, “lick a mystery item,” and identify it. The basketballer seemed rather trepidatious on that one, with Tatum laughing in the background and warning him not to do it.

It turned out that the mysterious object was a kiwi, and you’d be forgiven for wondering if James couldn’t perhaps see underneath the mask with how quickly he guessed that one right. Although he did admit to first thinking it was someone’s behind, to which DeGeneres snidely pointed out Tatum would have to be standing on top of the table for that to be even vaguely possible.

The talk show host then decided to ruin James’ taste buds by making him eat vanilla ice cream with Tabasco on it, and had Tatum lick peanut butter off his nose.

By the end, the two men had raised $50,000, and Walmart decided to double the amount to make it an even $100,000 for the school.

The I Promise school is a collaboration of Akron Public Schools and the LeBron James Family Foundation in an effort to help “at risk” children in the area. The school opened its doors in late July this year.

“Kids just want to know that you care,” James said. “And once they know you care, then they will tap into their gift. That’s what I’m just trying to do. Just let the kids know that we care. That I care. And then we’ll let them fly away.”